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City of Crystal: Community Life

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The city of Crystal, Minnesota is a mid-sized suburb located about 10 miles northwest of Minneapolis. With a population of close to 22,000 residents, Crystal has a community that is both active and interdependent. Residents enjoy numerous events, amenities, and businesses located within the city, but they also have access to the amenities of the neighboring cities. This superb connection ensures that residents living within Crystal are truly able to meet all of their needs.

Events within the city of Crystal run year-round. Two of the most popular events include the MN Night to Unite, and the annual event Crystal Frolics. The MN Night to Unite takes place statewide, and the city of Crystal participates in it each year. The focus of this night is to promote community growth and crime awareness. Neighbors are encouraged to get outside and interact with their fellow neighbors. Law enforcement plays a role in the event by providing educational talks and demonstrations to neighborhoods. Each year the Night to Unite helps neighborhoods grow closer together.

The most popular event each year is Crystal Frolics. This annual event is a celebration of the city of Crystal and all of its residents. It features softball, bingo, disc golf, and baggo tournaments, food and drink, live music, games, prizes, kids activities, a 5k race, a carnival, fireworks and more. As the largest event throughout the year, Crystal Frolics is the event you do not want to miss. In addition to the events listed, the city also features numerous leagues, clubs, and classes for residents to get involved with throughout the year.

Crystal has a number of amenities available for its residents. One amenity is the community center. The Crystal Community Center houses city offices as well as events for seniors. The community center also serves as a meeting place for groups of up to 400 people. Another popular amenity within the city is the Crystal Cove Aquatic Center. An absolute blast for children and families alike, the Crystal Cove Aquatic Center features a kiddie play area, water obstacle course, water basketball and volleyball areas, a water slide, a diving board, a deep swim area, and a lap pool. A popular summer destination, the Crystal Cove Aquatic Center is sure to be a hit. Crystal also has its own library that belongs to the Hennepin County Library system. A library system that is consistently ranked in the top 10 libraries nationwide, residents have access to all of the books and resources that are a part of this network through an interlibrary loan program. One final resource that residents can make use of is the Crystal Airport. A small airport servicing personal aircraft, it is a unique and fun amenity for citizens.


The city of Crystal has a number of local shops and dining areas for residents to enjoy. With three different shopping centers as well as hundreds of stores and restaurants in and around the city, residents have access to just about anything one might need. Crystal’s location, about 10 miles away from Minneapolis, means that residents have access to the wealth of amenities that are found in the big city. Sporting games, movie theaters, fine dining, and places of worship are all located in or near the city.

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