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City of Corcoran: Community Life

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The city of Corcoran, Minnesota is a small town of only 6,000 residents. Located in the northwestern section of Hennepin county, Corcoran provides a very unique, community atmosphere. While technically a suburb, the city of Corcoran has a very rural feel. Residents enjoy the open spaces and peaceful feel that the city provides.

There are many factors that contribute to the tight-knit Corcoran community that locals know and love. One of the biggest factors are the community events that take place within the city. The largest event each year is Corcoran Country Daze. Taking place annually in August, Corcoran Country Daze unifies the city through a celebration of the city’s country roots. Festivities include food, live entertainment, competitions, a softball tournament, crafts, demonstrations, local vendors, and much more. The event is a highlight for the Corcoran community and is cherished by all.

Another popular event that occurs annually is the Hennepin County Fair. A classic family event, the fair includes live entertainment, games, arts, crafts, competitions, prizes and more. It is always a huge hit. Other events that residents look forward to include the Regional Tractor Pull and the Demo Derby.

In addition to numerous events running throughout the year, residents also enjoy several great amenities. One such amenity is the local Hope Center. The Hope Center is a community center providing assistance and programming for families who are financially struggling. By offering assistive programming as well as community events, the Hope Center provides hope to those who may be distraught. Other amenities available for the public include parks and gardens, ice rinks, and the Corcoran Civic Center.

Corcoran is home to several golf courses. The Shamrock Golf Course is located on the southern border of the city. An 18-hole golf course suited for all play styles, the course is opened to the public and also offers membership packages. To the north lies the Pheasant Acres Golf Course. Another 18-hole, public course, Pheasant Acres prides itself on being a relaxed and family friendly environment. With numerous leagues and classes that take place throughout the year, Pheasant Acres is a wonderful place to learn how to play the sport of golf or continue after years of practice.

Because of Corcoran’s largely undeveloped, rural nature, there are not very many businesses located within the city. While the city has some shopping, dining, and entertainment, it does not offer as much as the neighboring cities of Maple Grove, Plymouth, and Wayzata. Residents of Corcoran often choose to live in the city because of this limited development. Regardless, if residents are desiring greater variety, top-notch options are located just a short drive away. This factor of convenient location adds to the desirability of living in Corcoran and provides residents with many employment opportunities. Additionally, the city of Minneapolis is only 22 miles away, giving residents even greater variety.

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