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City of Corcoran: A Brief History

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The first people living in the region now known today as Corcoran were members of diverse American Indian tribes. Father Louis Hennepin was the first man who explored the region in 1680. In 1849, settlers began to establish small communities all over Minnesota, one of them being modern day Corcoran. Benjamin Pounder was the first to arrive in 1855 and he was soon followed by Patrick B. Corcoran. These two were the main founders of the town.

Patrick Corcoran was a huge influence on the early stages of the community. He taught at the first local school, he owned several shops, and he had a plot of land that was 640 acres. He even became the town’s first postmaster when he used his own home as a post office for the community. This man single handily brought much of the town together by sacrificing a lot of his time and effort to make it a great place to live.

In 1858, the first town meeting took place in Patrick’s home. They wanted to become their own township. They were granted permission by the state, and they named the township after none other than Patrick B. Corcoran. Corcoran, Minnesota was later incorporated as a city in 1948.

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