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City of Coon Rapids: A Brief History

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Coon Rapids began as a farming community. Agriculture was the first industry in the Coon Creek area. Farms ranged from 90 to 600 acres. The first brickyard came into establishment in 1881 by Dr. D.C. Dunham. This brickyard was known as the Anoka Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company, and it was situated near the old City Hall. Anoka Pressed Brick and Terra Cotta Company represented the first non-agricultural industry in Coon Rapids.

In 1898, the Great Northern Developmental Company proposed building a dam in Coon Rapids by the creek. The construction began in 1912, and the result was a community springing up on the Mississippi shores. With the growth of people, the community undertook building roads. The building of the dam caused the population of Coon Rapids to grow to 1,000. This dam was in operation until 1969, and today it is Coon Rapids Dam Regional Park.

As the dam was constructed Anoka Township changed its name to Coon Creek Rapids. Eventually, the name was shortened to Coon Rapids. In 1952, the Township of Anoka was incorporated as a village. In 1959, the Village was incorporated into a city and became the City of Coon Rapids.

Today, the population numbers 62,103 residents and it is the fifth largest suburb. Coon Rapids is a quiet, thriving community just 20 minutes north of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

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