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City of Cologne: Trails & Parks

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The city of Cologne, Minnesota features 8 parks and open spaces for its residents to enjoy in addition to being near several major local landmarks. Located south of the Lake Waconia area, and southwest from the Lake Minnetonka region, Cologne’s residents can choose to venture to these popular regional areas, or opt to enjoy some of the city’s own natural areas. The most notable include:

Marion Fields: Marion Fields is a local community park that features two youth baseball diamonds and a family play structure. It also features a number of paved walking trails for visitors to enjoy. A great location for family ball games, or an afternoon stroll, Marion Fields has long-term development plans which include a bathroom and shelter facility.

Lions Park: Sponsored and developed by the Cologne Lions Club, Lions Park boasts a softball field, play structure, picnic shelter, restrooms and mature trees for a comfortable picnic. As a community location, it offers the ideal location for families and young children,

Village Park: Village Park features a play structure and irrigated fields for future soccer and baseball field development. As a park that is still developing, Village Park has potential to be one of the most popular community locations. The park is the host to the annual Cologne Fire & Rescue Drive-in Movie Theatre held during the month of August of each year.

Fritz Field: Fritz Field hosts the Cologne Hollanders baseball team and local school teams. Featuring a retaining wall, in-field irrigation, bleacher seats, and an outfield fence, this field has been a community project for a number of years. The Cologne Hollanders take great pride in the field and invested many hours into making the field a wonderful community park. This field is a popular location during the summer months to catch a game with the family.

Meadow Park: Meadow Park has a large family play structure, along with a basketball court, and walking trails. A large open area for pick-up flag football games, kickball or just a game of catch is also available for the public. This combination of developed recreation equipment, as well as open space, enables visitors to engage in a number of outdoor recreational options.

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