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City of Circle Pines: A Brief Overview

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The city of Circle Pines, Minnesota is a fully developed city located northeast of Minneapolis. Situated along the southern border of Anoka County, Circle Pines encompasses an area of nearly 2 square miles and is home to about 5,000 residents. While a smaller city compared to some of its larger suburban neighbors, it does have great access to the Twin Cities metro area. While having a somewhat rural appearance due to the extensive undeveloped spaces covered in oak and elm trees, Circle Pines is very much so a suburban city. Homes are situated close together, and are located near local businesses. This gives the city a suburban community while still providing scenic, natural spaces.

Circle Pines is 16 miles (22 minutes) away from Minneapolis. The main route near the city is Interstate 35W. This highway takes travellers straight to the heart of Minneapolis and connects to Interstate 694 which gives travellers access to the majority of the Twin Cities metro. This excellent access ensures that top-notch dining, entertainment, employment, parks, and recreational opportunities are just a short drive away. With a fantastic balance between rural, suburban, and urban communities, Circle Pines was voted the 3rd most perfect suburb in the nation in 2011 by CNBC.

To learn more about the community, history, parks, and schools within the city please refer to our supporting articles.

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