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City of Champlin: Community Life

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The city of Champlin, Minnesota is a city of close to 24,000 residents. As one of the northern cities in Hennepin County, Champlin enjoys a suburban atmosphere with plenty of space. With ample park land set aside, numerous amenities, and a location on the Mississippi River, residents of the city enjoy modern comfort in a peaceful setting. Champlin is by no means a lazy town, however. The city is very active and the community within is close-knit.

One of the most actively engaging components of Champlin’s community are its events. The most well-known event each year is the Father Hennepin Festival. Inspired by the historical figure, Father Hennepin, who was a beloved Champlin community member, the Father Hennepin Festival was first introduced in 1929 after which it was discontinued until being picked back up again in 1976. Ever since it has been a staple of the local community. The festival includes a parade, amusement park, medallion hunt, carnival, live music, competitions, prizes, fireworks, and much more. The festival always ends with a reenactment of Father Hennepin crossing the Mississippi River. Loved by all, the Father Hennepin Festival is an event you do not want to miss. Other events within the city include Farmers Markets, softball tournaments, local concerts, open ice skating times at the ice forum, and more.

Residents of Champlin have access to numerous amenities within the city. A local favorite is the aforementioned Champlin Ice Forum. Offering skate sharpening, two ice rinks, and a concessions stand, the Ice Forum is a popular year-round location for ice skating or hockey. It is utilized by the local school as well as the public. The Ice Forum also houses two community rooms which are available for rent. Another popular amenity within Champlin is its public library. The Champlin Public Library is a part of the Hennepin County Library system. A library system that is consistently ranked in the top 10 libraries nationwide, residents have access to all of the books and resources that are a part of this network through an interlibrary loan program.

Champlin’s location factors into the local community. There are many businesses located within the city that residents can enjoy. Champlin is home to its own movie theater, numerous retail shopping areas, large national brands, and small local shops. However, Champlin is primarily residential in nature. Residents who desire a greater variety of dining, shopping, and entertainment can visit the neighboring cities of Anoka, Maple Grove, and Brooklyn Park to experience an even greater variety of amenities. Additionally, Champlin is only about 21 miles from Minneapolis, meaning residents are within driving distance from the amenities of the big-city.

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