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City of Champlin: A Brief History

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The name Champlin was derived from the name of a U.S. Navy Commodore who was known as Stephen Champlin. He was active during the war of 1812 and he died in New York during the year of 1870. The area was first discovered when pioneers were captured by the Native American Indians of the Dakota Tribe. They were eventually let go in 1832, as they made the new area a location for their homes. After  negotiation with the Indians, land opened for other settlers.

By 1852, the state government permitted residents to homestead the community of what would be early Champlin, Minnesota. Homesteading meant that if residents lived there for five years or more, the land was given to them for free. This was President Lincoln’s way of enticing people to live in less developed areas in order that they become more residential. The main way of transportation was not initially by train. The nearest train station was in Anoka, so the residents of Champlin opened a ferry in 1855 that would take them to and from Anoka, in order to access the station. In 1859, the first town meeting was held in a local home.

In 1946, Champlin, Minnesota split off from its township in order to be permitted to become the Village of Champlin. Soon after it was established as its own township, but in 1974, it became incorporated as its own city.

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