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City of Centerville: A Brief Overview

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The city of Centerville, Minnesota is located northeast of the Twin Cities metro area. It is a beautiful, small city of just under 4,000 residents. Encompassing an area of nearly 2.5 square miles, Centerville is known for being situated between two stunning lakes each of which are cherished by the local community. Interestingly enough, Centerville is also completely enclosed within the larger suburb of Lino Lakes. Full of scenic beauty, the city is conveniently located nearby many larger suburbs, offering residents fabulous amenities while preserving a peaceful, close-knit way of life.

Centerville is about 23 miles (30 minutes) away from Minneapolis. This close proximity ensures that residents have the best of both worlds when it comes to living, employment, amenities, entertainment, dining, and more. While residents of Centerville choose to live in their city for its quieter, more open layout, they also appreciate their access to big-city comforts. The main routes through the city are Interstates 35W and 35E. These highways connect Centerville to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the majority of the metro’s suburbs. For those seeking a peaceful, close-knit place to call home that still has access to city-life, Centerville is a great option.

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