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City of Burnsville: Parks & Trails

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The city of Burnsville, Minnesota is home to a wide range of parkland. Burnsville maintains 1,800 acres of parkland spread throughout 79 different parks, providing residents with numerous options for outdoor recreational activities. Over half of Burnsville’s parkland remains undeveloped and is preserved as natural habitat, including much of the city’s  northern border, which is part of the Minnesota Valley Wildlife Refuge. Some of the most notable parks include:

Crystal Lake Park: One of the most popular destinations for outdoor activity, Crystal Lake Park is a popular destination. In the summer months, the park and lake are a hub for sand volleyball, fishing, boating, and swimming on an extensive waterfront. The park also contains a picnic shelter that is able to host up to 25-30 people and numerous picnic tables spread throughout the grounds. For those looking for other ways to enjoy the lake and parkland, Crystal Lake offers canoe rack rentals in the summer months and a vast  trail system. With so many options to better enjoy the outdoors, Crystal Lake is the perfect place to spend your summer days.

Cliff Fen Park: Another favored park location in the city of Burnsville is Cliff Fen Park. Like Crystal Lake, Cliff Fen Park is full of activity in the summer months because of attractive amenities like the newly constructed Burnsville Lions Playground and splash pad. Both are popular destinations on hot summer days. The park is also composed of soccer and football fields, volleyball courts, and nature trails. Easy access to the Minnesota National Wildlife Refuge is available in the park as well. With a vast majority of options, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Cliff Fen Park.

Alimagnet Park: This 178-acre park offers activities throughout all four seasons. In the winter months, residents enjoy the extensive cross-country ski trails throughout the parkland. During the warmer part of the year, Alimagnet soccer, baseball, football, and softball fields are all in high use. Other amenities offered include nature trails, a picnic shelter, play equipment, a horseshoe court, and canoe rental. Throughout the summer, it is not uncommon for baseball or softball tournaments to be held at Alimagnet Park. The main attraction at Alimagnet, however, is the award-winning Dog Park. The park is off-leash with a mulch walking path, picnic tables, and pond. The spacious Alimagnet Park is the perfect destination for outdoor recreational activity all throughout the year.

Neil Park: Known for its year-round recreational amenities, Burnsville’s Neil Park has more than enough to offer its visitors. Residents enjoy using the soccer, football, baseball, and softball fields located in the open park. Other amenities offered in Neil Park are basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and tennis ball courts. In winter months, residents enjoy spending time on Neil’s inline and outdoor skating rinks and using the park’s warming house. A recreational building is also located in the park. For those looking to enjoy recreational options in a the beautiful outdoors, Neil Park is the perfect destination.

Buck Hill: This 310-foot hill is one of the most popular destinations for skiing, snowboarding, and tubing in the south metro area. The hill maintains three chairlifts, multiple surface tows, and is lighted for skiing at night.

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