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City of Brooklyn Park: Parks & Trails

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As one of the “USA Tree City” recipients, Brooklyn Park, Minnesota is nationally recognized for its parks system. The city is home to 47 miles of trails, and 67 award-winning parks that encompass over 1,700 acres. Residents of Brooklyn Park have an abundance of outdoor amenities to enjoy. With so many options available, there are truly endless opportunities for residents to explore the outdoors. Some of the most notable parks and trails include:

Central Park: Central Park is one of Brooklyn Park’s premier, community parks. A large park located in the geographical center of the city, Central Park is a staple of the Brooklyn Park community. The park offers several amenities that really make it stand out. One such amenity is its all-inclusive playground. A special design, this playground was built with the intention that all visitors would have equal access to all areas of the structure. Central Park is also home to a 2 hockey/ice skating/rollerblading rinks, a sledding hill, warming house, a 9-hole disc golf course, a basketball court, tennis courts, a baseball field, a picnic pavilion, and more. The park is also conveniently located near the Brookland Golf Park offering further outdoor amenities.

Norwood Park: Norwood Park is a large, community park located on the eastern side of Brooklyn Park. The park includes basketball courts, pickleball, 4 ballfields, a playground, and a hockey rink. As one of the only locations in the city offering pickleball, many visitors venture to Norwood Park to experience this growing sport.

Palmer Lake Park: Palmer Lake Park is located along the southern border of Brooklyn Park. The park is primarily located within the neighboring city of Brooklyn Center, however the northern boundary rests in Brooklyn Park. A large natural environmental preserve, Palmer Lake Park is the ideal destination for those seeking passive outdoor recreation. The park is over 200 acres in size and has numerous walking trails, allowing visitors to explore the park and the neighboring city. It encircles Palmer Lake and includes a walking path around Palmer Lake that is 3.1 miles long. The lake and surrounding marshes provide habitats for numerous wildlife, providing visitors with even more outdoor beauty.

Northwoods Park: Northwoods Park offers several great amenities for visitors. The park is home to a sporting complex offering 4 adjacent ballfields, a concessions stand, a playground, and a soccer/football field. Additionally, the park features a one-of-a-kind wheelchair softball field. This field is the only one available in the five-state area (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, Iowa) and offers a turf surface that is wheelchair accessible. The field is used for numerous sports including kickball, wiffle ball, softball, and more, and it is open to the whole community.

Zane Sports Park: The Zane Sports Park is attached to the Edinbrook Elementary School. A massive community sports complex, the Zane Sports Park features 8 ballfields, several soccer/football fields, and a playground attached with the school. A popular location for community games and tournaments, the Zane Sports Park is an important community location. Additionally, Brooklyn Park’s farmer’s markets take place here.

The city of Brooklyn Park is also home to a dog park, skate park, walking trails, an archery range, a cricket field and much more.

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