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City of Brooklyn Center: Parks & Trails

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The city of Brooklyn Center, Minnesota is home to 23 different parks as well as a number of trails. Located north of Minneapolis, Brooklyn Center makes an effort to provide outdoor space for its inhabitants. With numerous amenities, the parks of Brooklyn Center play an important role in the community. Some of the most notable parks include:

Northport Park: Northport Park is one of Brooklyn Center’s small, community parks. Amenities include a baseball field, basketball court, soccer field, tennis courts, hockey rink, skating rink, playground, picnic area, and paved pathways. Guests enjoy the numerous activities that the park offers, and it’s location next to the local Northport Elementary School makes it ideal for young families.

Evergreen Park: Evergreen park is another small, community park located near the Evergreen Elementary School. The park contains a baseball field, basketball court, hockey rink, skating rink, shelter building, lighted soccer/football field, 2 lighted softball fields, tennis courts, a playground, and a picnic shelter. Its convenient location makes it another one of Brooklyn Center’s best parks for young families.

Centennial Park: Centennial Park is Brooklyn Center’s largest community park. At 48 acres, it has plenty to offer for any and all visitors. Amenities include paved pathways, two picnic shelters, a playground, 2 lighted softball fields, 2 soccer fields, and tennis courts. Centennial has an adjoining park, Centennial West, which adds an additional 20-acres to the park. Amenities in this lot include a basketball court, hockey rink, skating rink, playground, shelter building, and paved pathways. The most unique aspects about Centennial Park, however, are it’s archery range and pathway connecting to the Palmer Lake Nature Area. The archery range is the only one in Brooklyn Center. Additionally, the pathway to Palmer Lake adds significant size to the park.

Palmer Lake Park: Palmer Lake Park is connected to Centennial Park via a pathway. As the city’s largest natural environmental preserve, Palmer Lake Park is the ideal destination for those seeking passive outdoor recreation. The park is over 200 acres in size and has numerous walking trails, allowing visitors to explore. It encircles Palmer Lake and includes a walking path around Palmer Lake that is 3.1 miles long. The lake and surrounding marshes provide habitats for numerous wildlife, providing visitors with even more outdoor beauty. Included within the park is the West Palmer Park. This park offers more traditional amenities including a baseball field, basketball court, 2 tennis courts, 2 softball fields, a skating rink, a picnic area, a skating rink, shelter building, and a playground.

Eugene H. Hagel Arboretum: Brooklyn Center is home to its own arboretum. The Eugene H. Hagel Arboretum is only 8 acres, but it features a natural wetland habitat complete with a variety of wildlife and flower exhibits. A paved pathway encircles the arboretum, allowing visitors to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

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