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City of Bloomington: Parks, Trails, & Beaches

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The city of Bloomington, MN has over 100 parks and open spaces within its city limits. A massive proponent of outdoor recreation and conservation, the city of Bloomington is home to some of the state of Minnesota’s most popular parks. Residents enjoy the wonderful combination of active and passive recreational options found within the city. Some of the most notable parks include:

Dred Scott Park: Perhaps the most popular recreational park in not only Bloomington but the entire area is Dred Scott Park. This park is 48-acres and is the best place to take a group to play some pickup games during the summer months. The park has a baseball field, batting cages, concessions, picnic areas, a kids playground, a soccer field, a softball field, tennis courts, and a volleyball court. Another popular aspect of this amazing park is its mini golf course. This 18-hole outdoor course is a popular spot for families to go to on the weekends, and winners can celebrate with ice cream at Scoop’s, which is just a short walking distance away from the park.

Hyland Lake Park Reserve: The Hyland Lake Park Reserve is located in West Bloomington and is operated by the Three Rivers Park District. The park offers a number of trails to explore, and it connects to a larger park area that encompasses 2,565-acres. This entire complex is known as the Hyland-Bush-Anderson Lakes Park Reserve, and is operated in conjunction with the city of Bloomington. It features hiking and biking trails, boating, fishing, a disc golf course, dog trails, cross country skiing trails, and is connected to the Hyland downhill skiing and snowboarding area. The Hyland Lake Park Reserve is also home to the wildly popular children’s play area Chutes and Ladders.

Hyland Play Area: The Hyland Play Area, also known as Chutes and Ladders, is a huge, award-winning creative play area located within the Hyland Lake Park Reserve. A favorite among locals and visitors alike, the structure includes platforms, hexagonal climbers, and slides up to 50 feet long. There is also a section designed just for children under five or those with disabilities. The sheer size and variety of options at this park make it one of the best parks for young families with children.

Moir/Central Park: Moir Park features 20 acres with a playground, softball diamonds, grills, volleyball court & a disc-golf course. It is adjacent to and essentially connected with Central Park which is a large, natural wooded area offering walking trails and impressive natural scenery. This adds an additional 200 acres to the park. Moir Park is the home of a number of kids programs during the summer months.

MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge: A massive, 11,000-acre wildlife refuge located in Bloomington, the MN Valley National Wildlife Refuge is the largest national wildlife area in an urban location. Its visitor center is located in eastern Bloomington near the Mall of America.

Marsh Lake Park: A large, 500-acre park located near the center of Bloomington, Marsh Lake Park is a haven for passive outdoor recreation. The park is nestled in a natural marsh area, meaning visitors can expect to see an abundance of wildlife. While the park does not offer a range of amenities, it features trails in and around the marshy area. Near the park are the Marsh Lake playfields and archery range.

Valley View Playfield: The Valley View Playfield is located on the eastern side of Bloomington and is home to a massive sports complex. With 8 ballfields, 6 tennis courts, a playground, basketball courts, volleyball courts, a picnic area, a concessions stand, and the Bloomington Family Aquatic Center, the Valley View Playfield is home to recreational and league games for the Bloomington area. It is located near the Valley View Elementary and Middle Schools.

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