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City of Bloomington: A Brief History

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From the year of 1843 until present day, Bloomington, Minnesota has experienced one of the most rich and dynamic histories of any city in the state. The area was first inhabited by the Dakota Indians. The very first settlers of European descent established a small town in the early 1840’s and kept peace with the Indians by teaching them how to farm. In turn, the Indians taught the settlers how to hunt. Eventually, the settlers began to expand their settlement, moving past to the west side of the Mississippi River. The town was large enough for the residents to build a school house in 1855. In 1858, the same year that Minnesota became a state, the town had its first meeting, during which they agreed upon a total budget of $100 dollars a month for the community.

Moving into the 1900’s, the city’s development continued to swell. In no time at all, the Bloomington had six public schools with at least 200 enrolled students. This became one of the larger areas on the southern metro. In 1913, one of the residents established a Ford franchise, and the town saw automobiles on its newly developed roads. By 1930, the city already had a population of over 2,500, and it increased by another 1,000 in just one decade. Bloomington was also home to both the Twins, and the Vikings, until both teams relocated to the Minneapolis area.

By the 1950’s there were over 80 local businesses within the city, and a population of 28,000. this cities rapid growth caused the establishment of not one, but two high schools. Today, the population is over 86,000 residents, and the city continues to flourish, as it is home to the most popular shopping center in the world, as well as the state’s main airport.

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