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City of Blaine: Community Life

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The city of Blaine, Minnesota is located 18 miles north of Minneapolis. As one of the larger suburbs located north of the cities, Blaine is home to over 60,000 residents. A dynamic and growing community, Blaine offers its residents a community that blends the amenities of a big city with the close-knit feel of a small town. With close proximity to fabulous employment opportunities in the major surrounding cities, and plenty of beautiful housing options, this city is a truly wonderful city to call home. 

Events within the city of Blaine occur year round and feature a variety of activities. The most famous event in Blaine each year is World Fest. Taking place in the fall, World Fest is a celebration of diversity in Blaine. Each year, over 1500 visitors attend World Fest and experience music, dance, art, education, and food from around the world courtesy of Blaine’s own residents. Not only is the festival an educational experience, but it helps to unite the community as a whole. Other events throughout the year include the Blaine Triathlon, community education courses, and lots and lots of sports games at the National Sports Center.

The city of Blaine is packed with wonderful amenities for residents and visitors to enjoy. Blaine is home to its own airport, the Anoka County Airport. A small, public use airport, the Anoka County Airport is a great location for aviation enthusiasts, pilots, or those wanting to learn how to fly a plane.

Many residents highlight the Northtown Mall as one of their favorite amenities. The go-to shopping destination within the city of Blaine, the Northtown Mall has a large collection of popular retailers for visitors to browse.

The city plays host to one of Minnesota’s most storied golf courses. TPC Twin Cities is located within Blaine and is the only private golf course owned by the PGA Tour in Minnesota. Each year it plays host to the 3M Championship in addition to being a full-service golf club. The course itself was designed by golf icon Arnold Palmer and offers a challenging round of golf for all ages and abilities.

The city of Blaine is also home to Minnesota United FC, Minnesota’s own professional soccer team. The Minnesota United FC currently plays their home games at the National Sports Center. The National Sports Center is one of Blaine’s most unique amenities. As the world’s largest amateur sports and meeting facility, the National Sports Center has an astounding amount of amenities available for visitors. The complex includes over 50 athletic fields, a super rink with 8 sheets of ice, the Minnesota United FC home stadium, a meeting and events building, the 18-hole Victory Links Golf Course, two indoor turf field facilities, a 250-meter all wood cycling velodrome, and a 150-bed residence hall. The sheer number of facilities and amenities available at the National Sports Center help to draw in over 4 million visitors a year. It is an integral part of the community as well as the state of Minnesota.

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