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City of Arden Hills: A Brief History

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Prior to it becoming a city, the area that is now Arden Hills was a popular recreational area.  Lake Johanna and Lake Josephine were popular were the hot spots for these recreational activities. They were popular with fisherman, swimmers, boaters, families on picnics, and outdoor lovers. In 1906, state senator Joseph Hackey bought a land in the area and built a hobby farm.  He called it Arden Farms, which would become the basis for the name of the future city.

Then in 1941 the US Government purchases 2,500 acres of land in what is now the top one-third of Arden Hills.  With that land, the federal government built the Twin Cities Army Ammunition Plant (TCAAP). During the height of World War II, the TCAAP employed 26,000 people!  And finally, in 1951, the city of Arden Hills annexed from New Brighton.  Between the years of 1951 and 1971 Arden Hills used land trades and annexation procedures to acquire the remaining land that is now the modern city of Arden Hills.  Arden Hills population now surpasses 9,000 people, and it remains a key figure in Minnesota’s commercial industry, as it is home to the headquarters of Land O’ Lakes.

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