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City of Apple Valley: Community Life

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The city of Apple Valley has close to 49,000 residents, making it the 18th most populous city in Minnesota. According to Money Magazine, Apple Valley was ranked 17th on “best places to live in the United States” in 2013. As a city south of the river, the bedroom community of Apple Valley offers spacious living for residents on its rolling hills landscape. Commuters to Minneapolis value Apple Valley’s ideal location with only a 25 minute drive to the downtown area. The community of Apple Valley is primarily built around its location and the multitude of amenities and activities offered to residents.

Among the many different factors that shape the community of Apple Valley are its popular events. The city hosts several different annual events that are designed to bring the thriving community together. Apple Valley’s most popular event is its Freedom Days over the Fourth of July weekend. The celebration is a 4-5 day event that is mainly sponsored by city of Apple Valley, Apple Valley American Legion, and local businesses. The event includes music, a car show, food sold by vendors, golfing tournaments, fishing for kids, a carnival, a marathon, a parade, and of course fireworks. Another popular event is Apple Valley’s Mid-Winter Fest, hosted in February. The event is an annual celebration of winter, which began in 1978, and has grown significantly since then. Activities include horse-drawn wagon rides, face painting and balloon animals for kids, an adult cribbage tournament, pickleball tournament, medallion hunt, inflatable jumpers for kids, and bonfires and smore’s.    

Another contributor to Apple Valley’s community are its numerous amenities. The city is home to its own library, which is a part of the Dakota County library system. As a part of the Dakota library system, Galaxy Library has access to a wide variety of resources and databases for visitors to use. Another key amenity and popular destination is the Minnesota Zoo which is located in Apple Valley. Although entrance is not free, the zoo is a vital part of Apple Valley’s community, where the mission is to connect people, animals, and the natural world to save wildlife. Created by the state of Minnesota in 1978, the zoo displays cutting-edge exhibits that provide exciting experiences with animals and their habitats by introducing guests to species from around the world. The zoo strongly focuses on its education and conservation programs. Minnesota Zoo holds over 4,700 animals – many endangered – on a 485-acre campus.

There are several organizations and businesses that help to shape the community of Apple Valley. MacPhail Center for Music is a nonprofit organization that is one of the nation’s largest and oldest community-based education centers. The organization serves over 14,500 children and adult students with over 105 different community partnership programs. The organization is based out of their state-of-the-art building in downtown Minneapolis with access to cities all over Minnesota, including Apple Valley. Apple Valley Golf Course and Valleywood Golf Course are also operated in the city of Apple Valley and provide a premium golfing experience for all ages.

Apple Valley’s community is a built around its events, amenities, and organizations. However, the community is also largely shaped by its location. Residents in Apple Valley highly value their spacious suburban living and their easy access to shops and dining within the city. The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority has a station located in the downtown area of the city, which provides easy transport for commuters to downtown Minneapolis. Multiple business opportunities are available in Apple Valley along with neighboring cities like Bloomington, Burnsville, and Eagan.

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