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City of Anoka: Schools

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Anoka, Minnesota is served by the Anoka-Hennepin School District. The district is one of the largest in the state, serving over 3,800 students in 13 suburban communities, which are spread over 172 square miles of land. The City of Anoka itself is home to 5 elementary schools, 1 middle school, 4 high schools, and 1 private school.

Perhaps the best elementary school in Anoka is Lincoln Elementary. The school serves around 440 students in grades K-5, with 32 full-time teachers who are dedicated to challenging each student to their full potential. Lincoln Elementary’s student/teacher ratio of 14 is one of the best in the district. The school’s mission is to increase student achievement by integrating and infusing the arts with, in, and through the curriculum in a style that uses arts process as naturally as literature, inquiry, technology, and dialogue. In recent years, the school has been nominated the Reward School in both 2013 and 2014, and distinction as a National Magnet School of America.

Anoka is home to only one middle school, which is Anoka Middle School for the Arts. Anoka Middle School is an arts magnet school that serves around 1,800 students in grades 6-8. The school has almost 100 full-time teachers who are focused on challenging and assisting each student to performing their very best. It has over 20 clubs for students to participate in throughout the year. Students also have the opportunity to engage in athletic teams like basketball, football, soccer, tennis, baseball, softball, track, volleyball, wrestling, and dance.

Anoka Adventist Christian School is the only private located in Anoka. The school serves students in grades 1-8, focusing on nurturing students in mind, body, and spirit for Jesus Christ. AACS used state-of-the-art resources, technology in classrooms, and provides a low student/teacher ratio in each classroom to provide each student with a better learning experience. The school uses a multi-grade classroom environment that teaches all students how to manage their time, prioritize their studies, and work independently.

Anoka Technical College offers more than 35 in-demand career training programs at its small campus. The college is full of diversity, with students ranging from high school graduates, PSEO students, and veterans. Anoka Technical College offers a low-cost tuition and hands-on learning experiences that prepare students for whatever career they choose. Over 100 faculty experts are dedicated to the advancement of each students learning.

Established in 1880, Anoka High School is one of the oldest and largest high schools in the state of Minnesota. The school serves around 2270 students in grades 9-12, with 100 teachers in full-time employment. College classes are offered to students through the school’s Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) program. The school takes great pride in their athletic programs, offering over 40 different athletic teams for students to participate in throughout the year. The school’s soccer team won the state championship in 2014-15 and 2015-16.

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