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City of Lino Lakes: A Brief History

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In 1955, the City of Lino Lakes was incorporated. Prior to 1955 the city of Lino Lakes was a part of the township of Centerville.

The western portion of the town was settled in 1850 by F.W. Travis, and it was known as the “German” settlement. Henry Wenzel joined this settlement five years later. The “French” settlement was the eastern part of the town. In 1852, the first settlers in this area included Francis Lamott, F.X. LaVallee, and Charles Peltier.

Charles Peltier built a sawmill on Clearwater Creek in 1854. However, after five years he left the business.

When Lino Lakes was being incorporated, they took the historic name lino, and lakes was used because of the many lakes in the area.

Today, Lino Lakes is a thriving community home to an abundance of natural amenities and within close proximity to the Twin Cities.


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