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City of Lake Elmo: A Brief History

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The first people to settle in the Lake Elmo area were Bernard B. Cyphers and his wife Maria in 1848. The Cyphers built a hotel known as the Lake House, tavern, and stagecoach stop just south of Sunfish Lake. Stagecoaches helped bring people from St. Paul to settle in the area. Originally named Bass Lake, the city was known for its fresh water and good fishing. In 1879 the name of the city was changed to Lake Elmo by railroad promoter and businessman Alpheus B. Stickney because he thought it sounded better.

Lake Elmo became a popular tourist destination, bringing many people to the city. In 1872, the St. Paul, Stillwater, and Taylors Falls railroad passed through Lake Elmo, making it much easier for tourists to reach the lake. After becoming a village in 1925, Lake Elmo was a part of Oakdale Township until 1951 when the township split forming Oakdale and East Oakdale Townships. In 1972 the village of Lake Elmo joined with East Oakdale Township to form the city of Lake Elmo.

In recent decades, the city has become a community with over 30 neighbourhoods and the best transportation systems in the Twin Cities. Its small-town, rural feel makes Lake Elmo one of the most relaxing communities in the Metro Area. The city features over 2,700 households 2,200 of which are families and is continuing to be a growing community seeking to provide its residents with high-quality public services.

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