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City of Hastings: Community Life

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Around 22,000 residents call the City of Hastings home. Hastings is a bedroom community for the nearby Twin Cities that offers beautiful river scenery and spacious landscapes. The community is one of the oldest in the entire state, with much of its original buildings still intact. This historic river town community is largely shaped by its location, events, and amenities.

With its establishment dating back to 1857, the City of Hastings realizes the importance of a strong community that is well-connected. That is why several events are organized by the city each year that are designed to preserve the heritage of the community and build a brighter a future.

The most popular event within the city of Hastings is the annual Rivertown Days. This July event celebrates the unique history of the city with games, food, and music. Rivertown days includes various competitions such as a pickleball tournament, an amatuer photo contest, and a medallion hunt. The event also includes an artist showcase,  midwest show jetpack, arts and crafts fair, carnival with rides, and a parade. Throughout the summer, the city also organizes different entertainment in the popular Rotary Pavilion at Veterans Memorial Park. Entertainment include movies, music, art, and fitness for all residents to enjoy. On the Fourth of July, residents of Hastings enjoy a fireworks show from the Dakota Pines Golf Club. The event features food and drink while watching a spectacular variety of fireworks in the night sky.

Hastings also has many different amenities to offer to its residents, including a public library. Pleasant Hills Library has an extensive amount of resources for residents to explore and use. As a part of the Dakota County Library System, visitors have access to a vast database and unique learning programs, which are available to both youth and seniors. Residents can also enjoy the Carpenter Nature Center, which is placed in the St. Croix Valley. Here, outdoor enthusiasts can explore the nature center’s 700 plus acres of land that includes tall pines, restored prairies, oak savanna, apple orchards, and wooded ravines.

Because of its rich history, the community of Hastings places considerable stress on maintaining and preserving historical buildings in the city. One such building is the LeDuc Historic Estate. The estate and mansion was originally owned by Civil War General William G. LeDuc in 1865. It now belongs to the city and serves as a museum. In recent years, Hastings has blossomed into a thriving art scene. Residents can enjoy local art by visiting City Hall were a fine arts collection is on display. The display includes 130 works of art that consists of local geography, wildlife, and historic buildings. Another amenity is the charming downtown Hastings. The downtown area consists of shops, restaurants, and 19th century buildings. Visitors came from long distances to seek out antiques and dine on the riverside. Perhaps the greatest amenity in Hastings are the three rivers that run through the rivertown. Residents can enjoy water activities such as kayaking, canoeing, and fishing.   

Many different organizations contribute to the growing community of Hastings. One of the most influential is Black Dirt Theatre. Black Dirt Theatre is a group of passionate people that use theatre to build the community. The group’s mission is to help inspire people to create theatre that inspires the world. The organization has several different shows and classes throughout the year for residents to enjoy.

Hastings’ location is another factor that shapes the community. Residents of the town value the areas spacious settings, spectacular river views, historic buildings, numerous business opportunities, and close proximity to the Twin Cities.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Hastings, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.