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City of Grant: Parks and Trails

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Although Grant does not have any parks within the city, there are several in nearby cities that residents enjoy.

Pine Point Regional Park: is located 7 miles northeast of Grant, featuring a peaceful natural area with pine forests, lakes, and marshes. The park has 5 miles of trails that residents use in several different ways including hiking, biking, bird watching, cross-country skiing, and horseback riding. Pine Point Regional Park also serves as a major trailheads for MInnesota’s Gateway Trail. Pine Point park is an excellent place to get out and enjoy the beauty of Minnesota.

Browns Creek Trail: is a 5.9 mile long trail  that connects the Gateway Trail with the St. Croix River. Residents of Grant enjoy the beautiful scenery of the St. Croix River Valley and Browns Creek. Two miles of the trail runs adjacent to Browns Creek while one mile of the trail runs parallel to the St. Croix River. Along the way, locals enjoy the beauty and spectacular views overlooking the National Scenic Riverway. The trail is used for non-motorized riding including biking, horseback riding, and snowshoeing.

Gateway Trail: is an 18-mile paved trail for non-motorized use that starts in St. Paul and ends in Pine Point Regional Park. The trail travels through urban settings, parks, and rural areas. The trail is open to several non-motorized activities including hiking, biking, horseback riding, in-line skating, and is also wheelchair accessible. The trail is well maintained and offers beautiful scenery along the way.

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