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City of Chaska’s Parks and Trails

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One of the many things that Chaska has to offer is the wide array of parks and trails. Chaska has one of the best parks, trails, and open space systems in the metropolitan area. The park system consists of over 42 well-maintained neighborhood parks, recreational areas (such as the par 30 and community center) and other large parks, all located throughout the community with the intention of providing opportunities for leisure, physical fitness, and group gatherings in a beautiful setting. These parks and recreation areas vary from one to another and provide a variety of amenities including trail access, shelters, picnic areas, swimming, fishing, boating, play equipment, sledding hills, battlefields, soccer and football fields, tennis courts, volleyball, basketball, horseshoes, skating, golf, disc golf, and skateboarding. Many of the shelters can be rented and reserved for gatherings such as graduation parties, birthday parties, and potlucks. The larger parks, such as Chaska’s City Square, host annual events that include live music and food vendors. Children of all ages enjoy playing on the variety of playgrounds, swimming at the beaches, and running through the open green spaces found throughout the community. Chaska is home to many prestigious and breathtaking golf courses that provide both leisurely and competitive golf. The disc golf course and skate park are fun amenities that both kids and adults can appreciate. Residents and visitors find that the options for recreation are endless when it comes to Chaska’s parks!

In addition to a wonderful variety of parks, there are also many trail systems that run throughout the city of Chaska. The city trails run along most of the major roadways and through neighborhoods, parks and natural spaces to provide easy and enjoyable transportation. The majority of Chaska’s parks are connected by trails to promote ease of access and connectivity throughout the community. The Jonathan Neighborhoods have a beautiful and intricate trail system that connects to the city trails, to the neighborhoods, and to preserved green spaces. Many of Chaska’s trails wind through forests, over streams, along fields, and around lakes. These trails provide the residents in the community with accessibility, connectedness, and opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds them.