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City of Birchwood Village: A Brief History

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The earliest inhabitants of the area now known as Birchwood Village were Native Americans, who used the area as a hunting ground. Towards the end of the 19th century, residents from St. Paul began building summer homes in the area on the south shore of White Bear Lake. The growth of Birchwood is due in large part to the Wildlife Amusement Park, which was built to the east of the village on the south shore of the lake in 1899. The park featured a roller coaster, ferris wheel, merry-go-round, bowling alley, fun-house, pavilion, dance house, and restaurant. This along with beaches and picnic grounds, brought eager crowds from St. Paul into the area. In 1904, an electric streetcar line was built from Birchwood to White Bear Lake, giving residents dependable transportation. The village of Birchwood was incorporated in 1921.

Today, Birchwood Village is a thriving small town community with plenty of friendly residents. The village has continued to grow since it’s incorporation, from just under 100 residents in 1930 to a population of over 850 today. Birchwood is home to over 350 households and 260 families. Birchwood’s rich history makes it the city it is today.

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