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Central: Stevens Square-Loring Heights

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Stevens Square-Loring Heights was named in honor of Col. John Stevens, a significant early pioneer in Minneapolis. Stevens Square–Loring Heights, located in Central community, is Minneapolis’ smallest neighborhood and also just a five-minute walk to the center of the city. Stevens Square Center for the Arts has 5,500 square feet of gallery and studio space devoted to local artists. The neighborhood also hosts several historic buildings as it is a designated historic district. It is home to the Stevens Square–Loring Heights’ exceptional housing design of the early 1900’s. The historic neighborhood receives newcomers with ease and is exceptional at developing long-term relationships. The majority of the Stevens Square neighborhood is housing for rent as well as condominiums built after World War II, while the Loring Heights portion offers a more modern combination of owner-occupied housing and rented housing. With a population of close to 4,000 residents, this neighborhood provides a more peaceful haven to live that is directly next to the downtown area of the city.

Many buildings in the neighborhood have been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of these include the historic Amos B. Coe House on Third Avenue, which is home to the Minnesota African American History Museum and Cultural Center. The neighborhood also contains Abbott Hospital, now used as apartment space, which showcases an architectural view of the progression of the medical industry. Finally the George W. and Nancy B. Van Dusen House, now used as an event space, is located in the neighborhood. The Van Dusen Mansion promotes a Richardson Romanesque style, completed with spires and turrets of French Renaissance inspiration. The building is a stone mason’s state-of-the-art work, made exclusively of hand-carved pink Sioux Quartzite. When visitors arrive through the porte cochere, they will be met with an extravagant atmosphere decorated with expensive carpentry, Persian rugs, stained glass windows and glistening chandeliers. A beautiful locale for wedding receptions or corporate events, the Van Dusen Mansion is a landmark within the neighborhood.

The Stevens Square Center for Arts is one of the most notable destinations within the neighborhood. A central location for local artists within the area, the center for arts is the host of numerous exhibitions, performances, and events all housed in an over 5,500 square foot building. Visitors can enjoy a myriad of artistic works from a collection of local artists. Additionally, the center makes an effort to support local artists by providing affordable work spaces and promoting local artwork for sale. As an independent organization, it is run by a board of directors as well as volunteers, allowing for heavy influence by the local artists.

There are several unique, ethnic restaurants located within the neighborhood. Boolaay, Akwaaba, Flavor Bee’s, and Tibet Kitchen are four restaurants that all offer ethnic foods and are located within the same center. Visitors can enjoy a variety of tastes and smells from around the world. Along with unique restaurants, the neighborhood hosts many distinctive coffee shops. The Nicollet is a fancy coffee shop and cafe that is active within the community. Visitors can enjoy beer and wine, coffee roasted by the Minneapolis Roasting Company, and a variety of baked and fresh foods. What makes the Nicollet so special, however, is its atmosphere. Home to many events throughout the year including art showcases and musicians, patrons of the Nicollet enjoy the vibrant and close community found within its doors. Boiler Room Coffee is another local coffee shop. An advocate for local artists, Boiler Room Coffee’s walls are decorated by art from members of the community.

The Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood is home to one large, community park for residents to enjoy:

Stevens Square Park: Located in the heart of the Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood, Stevens Square Park is an important location for the entire community. The park is 2.51 acres in size and offers visitors a number of amenities. Visitors can enjoy the basketball court, playground, tennis court, walking paths, picnic areas, outdoor grill, and restrooms. Additionally, due to its central location, the park is home to numerous community events. Events include a fall harvest festival, free movies and music in the park, and the Red Hot Art community arts festival.

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