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Central: Parks & Trails

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The Central community of Minneapolis, Minnesota is located in the heart of the downtown area. Amidst the towering skyscrapers and busy city streets, a collection of parks and natural areas give residents and visitors alike scenic areas for rest and recreation. While there are not parks located in every neighborhood, there are still plenty of parks accessible to all.

While largely commercial and industrial in nature, the Downtown East neighborhood does offer residents and visitors several notable parks. They include:

Gold Medal Park: Gold Medal Park is attached to the famous Guthrie Theater and offers visitors scenic views of the nearby Mississippi River in addition to lots of open space. A beautiful, small park located in a busy, downtown area, Gold Medal Park is a great location to go on a walk or share a picnic. Its location near the impressive city skyline makes it a peaceful haven in an otherwise busy and active region.

Stone Arch Bridge: The Stone Arch Bridge is one of the many landmarks in the Central Community and downtown area. While not technically a park, the bridge is a pedestrian bridge offering scenic, sweeping views of the Mississippi River in addition to the city itself. The Stone Arch Bridge connects to walkways along the river bank as well as bridging across the Mississippi towards the University of Minnesota. Cherished by photographers, romantics, runners, bikers, and those who simply enjoy taking a stroll, the Stone Arch Bridge is one of the most revered locations in the downtown area.

The Elliot Park neighborhood is home to two parks. They include:

Elliot Park: Elliot Park shares the name of the neighborhood in which it resides and is located adjacent to Northcentral University in the center of the neighborhood. A park oasis located in the middle of a bustling city, Elliot Park offers visitors a number of amenities. These include a baseball/softball field, basketball court, picnic area with grills, playground, restrooms, skate park, tennis court, and wading pool. At 6.44 acres, Elliot Park offers a swath of green, open space amidst a busy surrounding environment.

Franklin Steele Park: Franklin Steele Park is one of the oldest parks in the city of Minneapolis. Despite its small size of 1.57 acres, the park has plenty to offer for those seeking active recreation. With a ½ basketball court, playground, and splash pad play area, Franklin Steele Park is a very popular destination for children and young families. Additionally, the park offers picnic areas, outdoor grills, and restrooms.

The neighborhood of Loring Park is home to one park that shares its same name

Loring Park: A large park located near the center of the neighborhood, Loring Park is home to a wealth of amenities. Visitors can enjoy both passive and active recreation while strolling through the beautiful gardens and scenic landscaping. The park features a bandstand, basketball court, biking/walking path, decorative fountain, fishing pier, gardens, a picnic area, playground, art on display, restrooms, a tennis court, and a wading pool. Within the park, there are several notable locations. The Garden of the Seasons is a local favorite destination for peaceful walks and times of reflection. The garden has three sections that visitors can enjoy. There is the Woodlands Circle with native Minnesotan trees, shrubs, and wildflowers located in the center of the garden; the Wheel of Color where eight wedges of colorful perennials are grown in a ring around the middle of the garden; and there is the Tapestry of Green which forms the outer ring of the garden. Additionally, the park hosts a dog park, the Community Arts Center, and is connected to the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden via a footbridge.

The Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood is home to one large, community park for residents to enjoy:

Stevens Square Park: Located in the heart of the Stevens Square-Loring Heights neighborhood, Stevens Square Park is an important location for the entire community. The park is 2.51 acres in size and offers visitors a number of amenities. Visitors can enjoy the basketball court, playground, tennis court, walking paths, picnic areas, outdoor grill, and restrooms. Additionally, due to its central location, the park is home to numerous community events. Events include a fall harvest festival, free movies and music in the park, and the Red Hot Art community arts festival.

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