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Central: A Brief History

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The Central community is commonly referred to as “downtown Minneapolis”. This area is home to the famous Minneapolis skyline, a dynamic nightlife, and thousands of local businesses. The area wasn’t always this way, however. The Central community in Minneapolis started with humble beginnings and over time saw great expansion.

A French explorer by the name of Daniel Greysolon first discovered the area in the late 1600’s. However, the location was dominated by Native Americans, who were not so willing to give up their homeland for development. However, many years later, in 1805, the U.S. Government acquired the land from the Native Americans.

The Central community experienced its boom from flour milling in its infant days. The small city became renowned for its flour mill, and it received all of its agricultural goods from the surrounding communities. Railroads were also a large part of why Central became such a hub. Most of the railroads built around Minnesota came out of Minneapolis, causing its infrastructure to become a vast web.  

Due to the railroads and successful flour industry, Minneapolis became a prime employment area. During the 1900’s, it shifted away from railroads and the flour industry, as highways for automobiles and modern-day businesses began to be established. However, when Central began to become too populated, residents settled in the surrounding areas. The Central community has seen many residential offshoots from its primary development areas. The land where settlers first resided has blossomed into the heart of downtown. Surrounding this downtown metropolitan area are many smaller, residential neighborhoods that offer quieter living in the midst of a bustling urban environment. Over the years, the city has developed its iconic skyline, and become the biggest city in the state of Minnesota. The Central community is the heart of the city, and the main reason for its vast development.

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