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Camden: Webber-Camden

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Located in the northwest portion Minneapolis and within the community of Camden is the neighborhood of Webber-Camden. In 1995 the neighborhood included “Webber” to the original name “Camden,” changing to the full name of “Webber-Camden”. Webber-Camden gets its name from both Webber Park and Webber Parkway, which were derived from Charles C. Webber, a man who donated a share of the land for the park. Webber-Camden was also named after its community of Camden, whose name is derived from a town in New Jersey. The neighborhood has industrial zones and a combination of middle-class and working-class areas. Webber Park attaches to the Mississippi River, the area’s most premier natural feature. With a population of close to 5,000 residents, this neighborhood is the largest in the Camden Community and acts as the centerpiece.

Because it is situated at the very center of the community of Camden, Webber-Camden enjoys being a part of all of the local neighborhood events. The Webber-Camden Events Committee is comprised of Webber-Camden locals who plan events such as Live on the Drive, Spring Cleaning, Greening Day and other activities. The most notable neighborhood event is the Party in the Park. This event occurs in the summer and is the perfect way to connect neighbors with resources, opportunities, and other neighbors in their community. The event is held on the green space between Cleveland Park and Lucy Craft Laney School and includes all of the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods. The summer Party in the Park has a Back to School theme and is a great way to end the summer each year.  

The T-Shoppe Bar is a local favorite destination. One of only two 3.2 beer bars left in the city of Minneapolis, the T-Shoppe Bar offers a unique community feel that has almost been entirely lost throughout the rest of the city. Patrons of the bar know one another by name and are heavily involved with the local neighborhood. The T-Shoppe has been a longstanding member of the Webber-Camden neighborhood, and hosts numerous events throughout the year. One of the most popular is weekly karaoke. The Webber-Camden neighborhood is also home to many industrial companies located near the Mississippi River and several convenience stores throughout. As the center of the Camden community, the Camden-Webber neighborhood has easy access to the amenities of its neighbors as well as the rest of the city of Minneapolis. With a mix of residential locations along with parkland, locals are able to enjoy the community living while still being close to nature.

The Webber-Camden neighborhood is home to several parks. They include:

Victory Memorial Park: Victory Memorial Park borders the west side of the Victory and Cleveland neighborhoods and wraps around the Victory neighborhood to the north. Eventually, it crosses the northern side of the Webber-Camden neighborhood. A narrow 3.8-mile parkway encompassing Victory Memorial Drive, the parkway features lush trees and commemorative markers for the area’s World War 1 servicemen placed throughout. Guests can enjoy the beautiful landscaping and reflect on the lives of those who fought for our country. Victory Memorial Park ends at Webber-Camden’s Webber Park.

Webber Park: The largest park in the Webber-Camden neighborhood, Webber Park is rich with amenities. The park includes a basketball court, biking/walking path, gardens, picnic area with outdoor grills, playground, public library, restrooms, and tennis court. Additionally, the park is home to a natural swimming pool. This pool is the first public swimming pool in the US to have a natural filtration system where plants in a nearby pond filter the water as opposed to chemicals. The unique amenities offered at Webber Park make it a central location for the Webber-Camden neighborhood as well as the surrounding area. Visitors thoroughly enjoy being able to access the library, go for a swim, or explore the outdoors, all in one location.

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