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Camden: Victory

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The Victory neighborhood is located in north Minneapolis and within the Camden Community. The neighborhood got its name from the Victory Memorial, a memorial dedicated to World War I veterans. Victory is positioned 5 miles northwest of the downtown area and has quick access to many major highways. With a population of around 3,500 residents, Victory offers a peaceful, residential sanctuary that is within the large city of Minneapolis.

The neighborhood is comprised of vintage homes from the 1920s through the 1960’s, with several being currently renovated. The majority of the homes in Victory are predominantly single-family homes that Tudors and Craftsmans built 80 years ago. The bigger homes that are in comparable styles are located beside Victory Memorial Drive and there are several multi-family housing units situated in the center of the neighborhood.

The Victory Neighborhood Events Committee contains Victory locals who plan events such as Live on the Drive, Spring Cleaning, Farmer’s Market and other activities. The most notable neighborhood event is the Party in the Park. This event occurs in the summer and is the perfect way to connect neighbors with resources, opportunities, and other neighbors in their community. The event is held on the green space between Cleveland Park and Lucy Craft Laney School and includes all of the residents in the surrounding neighborhoods. The summer Party in the Park has a Back to School theme and is a great way to end the summer each year.

Victory44 is one of the most popular eateries in the neighborhood. A coffee bar and restaurant serving a variety of creative foods, Victory44 is well-known for its unique food displays. Visitors enjoy the ever-changing menu and creative combinations as well as the all-around welcoming atmosphere. Emily’s Family Cafe is a local breakfast restaurant that is another very popular location for residents during the morning hours. They provide several different breakfast dishes and are known for their large serving sizes. On any given Saturday morning, Emily’s Family Cafe is the perfect spot for a quality breakfast with the family.

The Victory neighborhood is home to a scenic parkway and small, local park. They include:

Victory Memorial Park: Victory Memorial Park borders the west side of the Victory and Cleveland neighborhoods and wraps around the Victory neighborhood to the north. Eventually, it crosses the northern side of the Webber-Camden neighborhood. A narrow 3.8-mile parkway encompassing Victory Memorial Drive, the parkway features lush trees and commemorative markers for the area’s World War 1 servicemen placed throughout. Guests can enjoy the beautiful landscaping and reflect on the lives of those who fought for our country. Victory Memorial Park ends at Webber-Camden’s Webber Park.

Victory Park: Victory Park is found on the northern end of the Victory neighborhood. While only 2.35 acres, the park offers a basketball court, picnic area, playground, soccer field, tennis court, and a wading pool. The numerous amenities offered at Victory Park make it a central location for the neighborhood community. A popular destination on a warm, sunny day, Victory Park is cherished by all. Additionally, during Memorial Day, the park and the nearby parkway come alive with a concert and time of remembrance.

Ryan Lake: The Victory neighborhood is also home to the only lake in North Minneapolis, Ryan Lake. Ryan Lake is a small, fishing lake. At 19 acres, the lake reaches a depth of 36 feet and offers scenic beauty with a peaceful atmosphere. The lake is a good fishing destination for bluegill, black crappie, largemouth bass, northern pike, and yellow perch. A unique amenity for the region, Ryan Lake is located in the upper north corner of the Victory neighborhood.

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