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Camden Community: Parks & Trails

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The Camden community is home to a wide array of parks and outdoor recreational spaces for residents to enjoy. There are 11 main parks throughout the community in addition to multiple small, natural areas. The parks include:

Cleveland Park: A 1.4 acre park that was developed in conjunction with its neighbor, the Lucy Laney at Cleveland Park Community School, Cleveland Park is the only park located within the Cleveland neighborhood. Utilized by the school as well as the surrounding neighborhood, Cleveland Park offers visitors a baseball/softball field, basketball court, picnic area with grills, restrooms, and a wading pool. A perfect location for young families, those desiring to play a sports game, or anyone looking to have a picnic on a sunny afternoon, Cleveland Park is enjoyed by the entire Cleveland neighborhood.

Folwell Park: As one of the largest parks located in North Minneapolis, Folwell Park has become a parks and recreation center for those living within the Camden community. This is largely due to its extensive events and amenities. At nearly 27 acres, the park hosts baseball/softball fields, basketball court, biking/walking paths, football/soccer fields, playground, tennis court, and a wading pool. Additionally, the park is home to the Folwell Recreation Center. The center offers a community kitchen, computer lab, craft room, gymnasium, meeting room and multipurpose room. This wonderful park is a fabulous resource for the Folwell Neightborhood and provides programming for the local youth year-round.

Bohanon Park: Bohanon Park is the central park within the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood. At 8.53 acres, it offers baseball, cricket, and softball fields, a basketball court, hockey rink, ice skating rink, picnic area, playground, restrooms, a sports facility, tennis court, and a wading pool. The park is located adjacent to the Jenny Lind Elementary School making it ideal for young families and children.

Carl Kroening Interpretive Center: The Carl Kroening Interpretive Center is a very unique destination located on the eastern side of the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood, along the Mississippi River. The center is a combination of park reserve and interactive museum where visitors can enjoy murals and wildlife displays, while learning about the historical Mississippi River area and its habitats. Situated among natural prairie land and forests, the Kroening Interpretive Center is a huge hit among all ages. Its very interactive nature and immersive exhibits make it ideal for kids camps or birthday parties, but the park also offers miles of guided trails for nature exploration.

Perkins Hill: Perkins Hill is a small park located near the center of the McKinley neighborhood. The park features a basketball court, picnic area, and a playground. At 3.76 acres, the park is not very sizeable, but its status as the only park in the neighborhood makes it central to the local community. Perfect for young families or those desiring a peaceful afternoon, Perkins Hill is a special place in McKinley.

Creekview Park: A 7.3-acre park located near the local Olson Middle School the Creekview park is encompassed by the larger Shingle Creek Park. The park features a skate park, ballfield, playground, and picnic area. Additionally, it is home to the Creekview Recreation Center. The center features a community kitchen and computer lab, craft room, gymnasium, meeting room and multipurpose room.

Shingle Creek Park: Shingle Creek Park runs throughout the Shingle Creek neighborhood. At nearly 75 acres, Shingle Creek Park is located along the west bank of the 12-mile riverbed sharing its name. The park provides ample open space for visitors in addition to baseball and soccer fields, a basketball court, ice rink, hockey rink, skate park and a wading pool. Guests enjoy the abundance of wildlife and active outdoor recreational options. The park services the Shingle Creek, Lind-Bohanon, and Humboldt Industrial neighborhoods, meaning that many of the park’s amenities are found within other neighborhoods. The Shingle Creek neighborhood section of Shingle Creek Park features ballfields, a 3 story play structure, and lots of open space in addition to containing Creekview Park and all of its amenities. Additionally, Shingle Creek park has a walking path along the banks of the creek that connects it with the nearby city of Brooklyn Center. The sheer size and number of amenities found within Shingle Creek Park make it a very popular destination for the whole neighborhood.

Victory Park: Victory Park is found on the northern end of the Victory neighborhood. While only 2.35 acres, the park offers a basketball court, picnic area, playground, soccer field, tennis court, and a wading pool. The numerous amenities offered at Victory Park make it a central location for the neighborhood community. A popular destination on a warm, sunny day, Victory Park is cherished by all. Additionally, during Memorial Day, the park and the nearby parkway come alive with a concert and time of remembrance.

Victory Memorial Park: Victory Memorial Park borders the west side of the Victory and Cleveland neighborhoods and wraps around the Victory neighborhood to the north. Eventually, it crosses the northern side of the Webber-Camden neighborhood. A narrow 3.8-mile parkway encompassing Victory Memorial Drive, the parkway features lush trees and commemorative markers for the area’s World War 1 servicemen placed throughout. Guests can enjoy the beautiful landscaping and reflect on the lives of those who fought for our country. Victory Memorial Park ends at Webber-Camden’s Webber Park.

Ryan Lake: The Victory neighborhood is also home to the only lake in North Minneapolis, Ryan Lake. Ryan Lake is a small, fishing lake. At 19 acres, the lake reaches a depth of 36 feet and offers scenic beauty with a peaceful atmosphere. The lake is a good fishing destination for bluegill, black crappie, largemouth bass, northern pike, and yellow perch. A unique amenity for the region, Ryan Lake is located in the upper north corner of the Victory neighborhood.

Webber Park: The largest park in the Webber-Camden neighborhood, Webber Park is rich with amenities. The park includes a basketball court, biking/walking path, gardens, picnic area with outdoor grills, playground, public library, restrooms, and tennis court. Additionally, the park is home to a natural swimming pool. This pool is the first public swimming pool in the US to have a natural filtration system where plants in a nearby pond filter the water as opposed to chemicals. The unique amenities offered at Webber Park make it a central location for the Webber-Camden neighborhood as well as the surrounding area. Visitors thoroughly enjoy being able to access the library, go for a swim, or explore the outdoors, all in one location.

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