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Camden: McKinley

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McKinley neighborhood is on Minneapolis’s north border and within the Camden community. Both the neighborhood and the local school are named for William McKinley, the 25th president of the United States. In 1996, McKinley annexed the North River Industrial Area. This area was located by the Mississippi River and extended to Interstate 94. Many of the homes are one or two-story, single-family houses with wooden frames, and the styles consist of bungalows as well as smaller stucco Tudors. The majority of the homes were built around 80 years ago.

The McKinley community landscape is a full of trees, residential locations, and a few businesses. With a school, a park, a few places of worship, a temple and a Mosque, the variety is unquestionably a major feature for all locals. Normal transit buses that provide quick access to work assist the neighborhood. A few of Minneapolis’ tallest hills can be found in this neighborhood as well. With close to 2,500 residents, McKinley offers a residential haven in the midst of a large and busy city.

Businesses within McKinley vary in size and industry. The McKinley neighborhood is home to numerous places of worship, small convenience stores and markets, and a number of larger industrial businesses along the Mississippi River bank. Residents of McKinley do not enjoy as many amenities as some of the other neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Despite this, residents have access to top-notch dining, shopping, and entertainment with just a short walk or drive.

The McKinley neighborhood only contains one park:

Perkins Hill: Perkins Hill is a small park located near the center of the McKinley neighborhood. The park features a basketball court, picnic area, and a playground. At 3.76 acres, the park is not very sizeable, but its status as the only park in the neighborhood makes it central to the local community. Perfect for young families or those desiring a peaceful afternoon, Perkins Hill is a special place in McKinley.

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