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Camden: Lind-Bohanon

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Lind-Bohanon is a neighborhood on Minneapolis’s farthest north side, is bordered by Brooklyn Center and spreads east to the Mississippi River. Both the neighborhood and its local school are named for Jenny Lind, a famous Swedish soprano born during the early 1800’s. When people choose to live in this neighborhood, they typically stay for a while, as the community has a low turnover rate.

Lind-Bohanon has a small town atmosphere of close to 5,000 residents where neighbors enjoy knowing each other on a first-name basis and taking a role in improving the neighborhood. Homes are generally reasonably priced, crime is uncommon, and the area is comprised of attractive gardens, trails, parks, and the Mississippi River. The area is home to a mix of businesses within the neighborhood as well.

The Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood Association sponsors numerous events to allow people in the community to feel welcomed and involved. They host the Art Fair in June, National Night Out Picnic in the Park in August, Lind-Bohanon Neighborhood Association and Three Rivers Park District Riverfest, Heritage Day, and US Marines Toys for Tots distribution in December. The most notable neighborhood event is the Party in the Park. This event occurs in the summer and is the perfect way to connect neighbors with resources, opportunities, and other neighbors in their community. The event is held on the green space between Cleveland Park and Lucy Craft Laney School and includes all of the residents the surrounding neighborhoods. The summer Party in the Park has a Back to School theme and is a great way to end the summer each year.

While Lind-Bohanon is mainly residential in nature, the neighborhood contains several common fast food chains, places of worship, and other typical stores and shops. However, a unique dining location within the neighborhood is the Camden Tavern and Grill. The Camden Tavern & Grill is a relaxing, welcoming neighborhood bar in the community with a wonderful assortment of beer, cocktails, and food, including some regular “specials” that the locals love. The full menu includes appetizers, soups & chili, salads, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and a full breakfast menu available during all hours. The tavern also provides entertainment with the occasional live music or karaoke nights. 

The Lind-Bohanon neighborhood is home to several large parks. They include:

Bohanon Park: Bohanon Park is the central park within the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood. At 8.53 acres, it offers baseball, cricket, and softball fields, a basketball court, hockey rink, ice skating rink, picnic area, playground, restrooms, a sports facility, tennis court, and a wading pool. The park is located adjacent to the Jenny Lind Elementary School making it ideal for young families and children.

Shingle Creek Park: Shingle Creek Park runs throughout the Shingle Creek neighborhood. At nearly 75 acres, Shingle Creek Park is located along the west bank of the 12-mile riverbed sharing its name. The park provides ample open space for visitors in addition to baseball and soccer fields, a basketball court, ice rink, hockey rink, skate park and a wading pool. Guests enjoy the abundance of wildlife and active outdoor recreational options. The park services the Shingle Creek, Lind-Bohanon, and Humboldt Industrial neighborhoods, meaning that many of the park’s amenities are found within other neighborhoods. The Shingle Creek neighborhood section of Shingle Creek Park features ballfields, a 3 story play structure, and lots of open space in addition to containing Creekview Park and all of its amenities. Additionally, Shingle Creek park has a walking path along the banks of the creek that connects it with the nearby city of Brooklyn Center. The sheer size and number of amenities found within Shingle Creek Park make it a very popular destination for the whole neighborhood.

Carl Kroening Interpretive Center: The Carl Kroening Interpretive Center is a very unique destination located on the eastern side of the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood, along the Mississippi River. The center is a combination of park reserve and interactive museum where visitors can enjoy murals and wildlife displays, while learning about the historical Mississippi River area and its habitats. Situated among natural prairie land and forests, the Kroening Interpretive Center is a huge hit among all ages. Its very interactive nature and immersive exhibits make it ideal for kids camps or birthday parties, but the park also offers miles of guided trails for nature exploration.

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