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Camden: Community Life

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The Camden community is located in the northwestern section of the city of Minneapolis. A gathering of 7 unique neighborhoods as well as two industrial sectors, the Camden community offers a unique and comfortable way of life. Due to its location on the border of Minneapolis and the surrounding suburbs, the Camden community is defined by its large, residential areas and small, local businesses. While not offering the most upscale living or vibrant atmosphere when compared to the other Minneapolis neighborhoods, the Camden community offers residents comfortable living that is conveniently located near the outlying suburbs.

One of the defining aspects of the Camden community are its businesses.

Although the Cleveland neighborhood is close to commercial locations, the atmosphere is mainly residential. However, the neighborhood hosts a few small shops such as bouquet, hair styling, and nails shops. Those who choose to live in Cleveland are there because of the family friendly living that it provides. One of the most popular community destinations within the Cleveland neighborhood is Tooties on Lowry. Named “Best Neighborhood Bar in Minneapolis”, Tooties offers visitors locally-renowned burgers and wings in addition to appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and more. Residents of Cleveland enjoy the restaurant’s classic Americana cuisine and periodic events. The most popular event at Tooties is the annual golf tournament at Theodore Wirth Park.

The Folwell neighborhood, while mainly residential, does offer its residents some amenities. The neighborhood is home to numerous places of worship, a few convenience stores and markets, and several small restaurants and local businesses. Additionally, the Folwell neighborhood is within close distance of thousands of other amenities located within Minneapolis.

While the Lind-Bohanon neighborhood is mainly residential in nature, the neighborhood contains several common fast food chains, places of worship, and other typical stores and shops. However, a unique dining location within the neighborhood is the Camden Tavern and Grill. The Camden Tavern & Grill is a relaxing, welcoming neighborhood bar in the community with a wonderful assortment of beer, cocktails, and food, including some regular “specials” that the locals love. The full menu includes appetizers, soups & chili, salads, burgers, sandwiches, pizza, and a full breakfast menu available during all hours. The tavern also provides entertainment with the occasional live music or karaoke nights.

Businesses within the McKinley neighborhood vary in size and industry. The McKinley neighborhood is home to numerous places of worship, small convenience stores and markets, and a number of larger industrial businesses along the Mississippi River bank. Residents of McKinley do not enjoy as many amenities as some of the other neighborhoods in Minneapolis. Despite this, residents have access to top-notch dining, shopping, and entertainment with just a short walk or drive.

Victory44 is one of the most popular eateries in the Victory neighborhood. A coffee bar and restaurant serving a variety of creative foods, Victory44 is well-known for its unique food displays. Visitors enjoy the ever-changing menu and creative combinations as well as the all-around welcoming atmosphere. Emily’s Family Cafe is a local breakfast restaurant that is another very popular location for residents during the morning hours. They provide several different breakfast dishes and are known for their large serving sizes. On any given Saturday morning, Emily’s Family Cafe is the perfect spot for a quality breakfast with the family.

The T-Shoppe Bar is a local favorite destination in the Webber-Camden neighborhood. One of only two 3.2 beer bars left in the city of Minneapolis, the T-Shoppe Bar offers a unique community feel that has almost been entirely lost throughout the rest of the city. Patrons of the bar know one another by name and are heavily involved with the local neighborhood. The T-Shoppe has been a longstanding member of the Webber-Camden neighborhood and hosts numerous events throughout the year. One of the most popular is weekly karaoke. The Webber-Camden neighborhood is also home to many industrial companies located near the Mississippi River and several convenience stores throughout. As the center of the Camden community, the Camden-Webber neighborhood has easy access to the amenities of its neighbors as well as the rest of the city of Minneapolis. With a mix of residential locations along with parkland, locals are able to enjoy the community living while still being close to nature.

The Camden community also hosts numerous events that occur throughout the year. Within each neighborhood, special events take place that are designed to promote unity and engage the community as a whole. Some of the most notable events include a Memorial Day ceremony and concert in Victory, Party in the Park in Cleveland, Art Fairs in Lind-Bohanon, and the National Night Out which sees each neighborhood come together for unity and crime awareness.

The lifestyle found in the Camden community is unique for its primarily residential focus, small, local businesses, and location near the surrounding suburbs. Residents choose to live in Camden because it allows for the amenities of the big city while still providing a quieter, more peaceful way of life.

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