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The Camden Community: A Brief History

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The Camden community is made up of four predominantly residential neighborhoods, which are Victory, Shingle Creek, Webber-Camden, and Lind-Bohanon. The Camden community is comprised of these four neighborhoods as well as the neighborhoods of Folwell, McKinley, and Cleveland near the southern border. The Camden community was initially a rural area north of Minneapolis, and was even outside of the Minneapolis city limits. Its main function was to provide agricultural products to the city.  

John Dow and John Bohanon, who came from Maine in 1853, established the town of Camden, which today is the Shingle Creek neighborhood. The town, located by Shingle Creek, arose as an industrial location with inhabitants that worked for the nearby shingle mill, which was the main flour mill at the time. Other industries such as saw milling, brick making, and railroad construction were later founded in the town and stimulated development. Camden was occupied as a part of the City of Minneapolis in 1887, further encouraging its growth.

Recognized in the early 1890s were the railroads and automobiles that offered transportation between downtown and Camden. Commercial areas and residential neighborhoods sprouted around the transportation centers. The Camden Community advanced over time and since then has become a mix of residential and commercial spaces fluctuating in styles and ages.

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