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Calhoun Isles: West Calhoun

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West Calhoun is situated on the western border of Minneapolis in the Calhoun-Isles community. This affluent neighborhood is bordered by East Calhoun, Cedar-Isles-Dean, Linden Hills, and the suburb of St. Louis Park. With a population of close to 1,700 residents, and being in close proximity to the beautiful lake Calhoun, this neighborhood offers a charming and peaceful community that rests within the large and busy city of Minneapolis.

West Calhoun includes Lake Calhoun’s attractive shoreline, as well as the active Calhoun Commons shopping area and adjoining businesses. The neighborhood is separated by the Midtown Greenway, which provides a biking path that ranges out to the Mississippi River and attaches to other paths that lead into the downtown area of the city. There are many old and beautiful trees in the neighborhood, especially in the area that borders the lake. Although the West Calhoun is residential, the majority of the neighborhood consists of the local country club and golf course. However, there are several apartments and condominiums, as well as around 30 homes.

There are several local attractions in the West Calhoun neighborhood. The Minikahda Golf Club is the oldest country club in the city of Minneapolis and occupies most of the neighborhood’s space to the west and south. An 18-hole championship golf course, the Minikahda Golf Club is a private country club offering golf, tennis, swimming, and dining facilities. As one of the premier clubs in the Twin Cities, the Minikahda is sure to impress. The Bakken Library & Museum is another attraction found within the West Calhoun neighborhood. The previous home of Earl Bakken, founder of Medtronic and creator of the pacemaker, the Bakken Museum combines a beautiful mansion with a museum focusing on electricity in regards to life. The museum is truly unlike any other both in its setting, and in its comprehensive collection. The Bakken is home to 11,000 rare books and 2,500 scientific instruments related to how electricity plays a role in life. A truly electrifying experience, the Bakken is one destination you do not want to miss.

The Twin Cities Paella is a popular Spanish restaurant and caterer that the locals of West Calhoun love to visit. Paella is an old-style Spanish rice dish. It is usually made above an open fire and is richly seasoned with saffron and Spanish spices. At Twin Cities Paella, visitors will experience classical Paella as well as other traditional dishes. This well-known dining location offers large group meals and catering for big events, making it a great restaurant for those seeking food that will entertain. Another staple of the community is the local Whole Foods Market.  Located right off the Midtown Greenway bike and walking path, the Whole Foods Market offers an enormous assortment of natural and organic grocery products. Unique and organic produce, the best meats, seafood and cheese, a large collection of bakery items, deli, and vitamins can all be found at the Whole Foods Market. Along with being a grocery store, the business also offers culinary classes for students of all ages.

The West Calhoun neighborhood is attached to the area’s most famous lake:

Lake Calhoun Park: On the eastern border of the West Calhoun neighborhood is Lake Calhoun Park. One of Minnesota’s most popular destinations, Lake Calhoun Park is 518 acres of scenic beauty. The park features the magnificent Lake Calhoun, a local favorite, as well as a wide variety of amenities. Lake Calhoun Park is home to an archery range, wildly popular beach, biking/walking path around the lake, boat docks, a fishing pier, picnic facilities, soccer and softball fields, and sand volleyball courts. During the summer months, Minnesota goes out on the lake to play. With swimming, boating, sailing, fishing, and even logrolling available, Lake Calhoun Park is a wonderful destination for a sunny, summer day. Described as one of Minnesota’s most beautiful lakes, the Lake Calhoun Park is a must-visit destination.

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