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Calhoun Isles: Lowry Hill East

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Lowry Hill East is named after Thomas Lowry, one of Minneapolis’s initial inhabitants and developers. The neighborhood is in the Calhoun-Isles Community. Because of its unevenly triangular shape, Lowry Hill East is sometimes called “the Wedge”. Lowry Hill East initiated its existence as a neighborhood in the 1880s with the entrance of Thomas Lowry’s public transportation system, which was a horse-drawn streetcar line. Lowry Hill East has a mix of housing fluctuating from elegant turn-of-the-century homes to large, modern apartment buildings. Several of the larger homes have become converted to multiple-unit housing in recent years. The more than 6,100 residents enjoy amenities in and near the neighborhood which include its proximity to downtown, diversity of shops, restaurants, markets, and businesses. Additionally, the active nightlife and vibrant arts community located within the neighborhood add another dimension to the lifestyle it offers.

An assortment of housing options can be found in “the Wedge”. They include 19th-century Victorian homes, 1920’s bungalows, mid-century apartment buildings, as well as new high-end condominium and apartment developments. Many people are drawn to the diverse mix of housing within the neighborhood, leading to a highly populated location. This dense population leads to an active community. Every year both the Lowry Hill and Lowry Hill East neighborhoods get together and enjoy an ice cream social that is hosted by the local Sebastian Joe’s.

Much of the Uptown area can be found in the Lowry Hill East neighborhood. This means that residents have great access to top-notch dining, shopping, and entertainment. One of the most unique restaurants is Stella’s Fish Cafe and Prestige Oyster Bar. A seafood restaurant with a comfortable, casual environment, Stella’s offers rooftop dining with great views of the Uptown area. Visitors enjoy the unique atmosphere, and great seafood including lobster, crab, sushi and more. For those desiring engaging entertainment Bryant-Lake Bowl offers just that. A bowling alley, bar, theatre, and restaurant, guests can enjoy food and drink while bowling or enjoying a theatrical production. This unique combination of activities makes Bryant-Lake Bowl a fun date destination or birthday party location. Additionally, DJs are sometimes invited to perform live music. Rinata Restaurant has the perfect mix between great food and excellent service. Not only is the food tremendous, but the service is at a level that is among the highest in the Twin Cities metro area. Perhaps the most famous restaurant in the area, however, is Chino Latino. A restaurant specializing in street foods from the hot zone belt around the world, diners can experience food from the Caribbean, Americas, Polynesia, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and beyond. What truly makes this restaurant so unique is its atmosphere. There truly is no other restaurant like it in the metro area. With experiential dining incorporating tastes and smells from around the world and using only the finest of ingredients, Chino Latino makes for a very fancy, upscale dining endeavor. These examples are by no means comprehensive, as there are countless other restaurants, cafes, and venues available in the area for residents to enjoy.

The Lowry Hill East neighborhood has one park within its limits in addition to being close to several large parks. Some of the parks include:

Mueller Park: Mueller Park is a small, neighborhood park with several amenities. Visitors can enjoy the ½ basketball court, picnic area, playground, and wading pool. While not offering as much activity as the nearby lakes, visitors often enjoy the peaceful nature of this centrally-located park.

Lake of the Isles Park: While not located adjacent to the Lowry Hill East neighborhood, Lake of the Isles Park is just a few blocks away. A 208-acre park located north of Lake Calhoun, Lake of the Isles Park services the Cedar-Isles-Dean, East Isles, Kenwood, and Lowry Hill neighborhoods. A wildly popular tourist attraction and scenic destination, Lake of the Isles Park is an engineered lake that attracts an average of 5.5 million visitors a year from all over the world. This is largely due to its beautiful waterfront and rich amenities. Connected to Lake Calhoun through a lagoon as well as trails, Lake of the Isles Park offers visitors biking/walking paths, fountains, a soccer field, a fishing pier, and the beautiful lake itself. During the winter, Lakes of the Isles Park also opens a hockey rink and an ice skating area. Cherished by the nearby neighborhoods and the state of Minnesota as a whole, Lake of the Isles Park is a popular wedding destination and afternoon getaway location.

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