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Calhoun Isles: CARAG

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The Calhoun Area Residents Action Group, a neighborhood within the Calhoun-Isles community in Minneapolis, or CARAG is the heart of the Uptown area. This neighborhood is often bustling with an array of activity, and is just walking distance from Lake Calhoun. The majority of the housing was built before 1920, as the neighborhood has been well established for many years. CARAG is also home to several commercial services and places of worship. As one of the larger neighborhoods in the Calhoun Community, CARAG has a population of close to 5,700 residents. CARAG contains a mix of single-family homes, small and large apartments, a park, and small businesses. The CARAG area is popular because part of the community lies inside the Uptown and Lyn-Lake business nodes, which give residents and visitors many chances to eat and shop at unique businesses as well as visit art and theater spaces. Its location near Lake Calhoun is a plus, with beautiful, scenic areas for visitors to enjoy

CARAG members enjoy getting together at entertaining, community events. The CARAG Neighborhood Livability & Engagement Committee plans, arranges and initiates events throughout the year. The CARAG Super Sale is a neighborhood wide garage sale when the locals have the ability to set up stands and sell their items all in one location. This event allows neighbors to earn money for their goods, as well as get together with one another.  These events include CARAG Chilly Chili Fest in the wintertime, Earth Day Cleanup, Bryant Square Park Concert Series Kick Off in the local Bryant Square Park amphitheater, CARAG Plant Swap & Rain Garden Workshop, the annual CARAG Garden Tour, National Night Out, Uptown Art Fair, and Hennepin Lake Community Wine Tasting.

The CARAG neighborhood is home to several unique eateries and cafes. One example is Pizza Luce. Pizza Luce offers artisan style pizzas as well hoagies, salads, appetizers, and desserts. Located around the state, CARAG is one of several locations that draws in pizza fans. Another popular local dining area is Gigi’s Cafe. This charming and quaint shop is a great place to enjoy a dinner date and makes a relaxing location for coffee and scones. With products that are purchased directly from farmers, everything is made from scratch, which adds to the freshness of Gigi’s tasty food. Yet another popular neighborhood shop is Canteen. This coffee shop is located in the middle of the neighborhood, and it is a wonderful place to grab a mocha, read a book, chat with a friend, or study. During the warmer months, Sonny’s Ice Cream is a popular destination. While technically located just outside of CARAG, it offers visitors artisan ice creams, sorbets, and gelatos that are hand-made daily. With over 1,000 flavors served throughout the year and a new flavor almost every day, guests enjoy the fresh, simple ingredients that are often locally-sourced and organic.

CARAG is near several notable parks. They include:

Bryant Square Park: Bryant Square Park is home to several community events within the CARAG neighborhood. As the only park located directly within the neighborhood limits, Bryant Square Park holds a special place within the CARAG community. It is home to the Bryant Square Park POPS (Public Outdoor Performance Space), an amphitheater that is used for concerts, movies, theatrical productions and more within the park. The park also offers visitors a basketball court, hockey/ice skating rink, warming house, playground, soccer and softball fields, and a wading pool. The large playground is a particularly popular amenity among children. With its convenient location, numerous events, and rich amenities, Bryant Square Park is a great option for the whole family.

Painter Park: Painter Park is located adjacent to the CARAG neighborhood. A small, neighborhood park at approximately 3 acres in size, Painter Park is located within the Lyndale neighborhood and is adjacent to the Painter Recreation Center. With a basketball court, playground, soccer and softball fields, tennis courts, and restrooms, Painter Park is an ideal location for active outdoor recreation. Perfect for neighborhood pickup games or young families with kids, Painter Park is a well-balanced option.

Lake Calhoun Park: CARAG is within walking distance of Lake Calhoun Park. One of Minnesota’s most popular destinations, Lake Calhoun Park is 518 acres of scenic beauty. The park features the magnificent Lake Calhoun, a local favorite, as well as a wide variety of amenities. Lake Calhoun Park is home to an archery range, wildly popular beach, biking/walking path around the lake, boat docks, a fishing pier, picnic facilities, soccer and softball fields, and sand volleyball courts. During the summer months, Minnesota goes out on the lake to play. With swimming, boating, sailing, fishing, and even logrolling available, Lake Calhoun Park is a wonderful destination for a sunny, summer day. Described as one of Minnesota’s most beautiful lakes, the Lake Calhoun Park is a must-visit destination.

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