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City of North Oaks: A Brief History

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Prior to becoming a city, the area that is now known as North Oaks was structured around Pleasant Lake and was intended to serve as a water source for St. Paul. The land was later purchased by James J. Hill in 1883 and was made into a hobby farm named North Oaks Farm. The farm was then handed down to his son Louis Hill until his death in 1950. After his death, the Hill family decided to develop the land into a residential community, named North Oaks, with a mission to respect the natural environment. They then subdivided the land and sold it and created the North Oaks Homeowners Association, which would be responsible for maintaining roads and recreational facilities. They created a private secluded community focused on maintaining the environment around them for years to come.

Since the 1960’s, the city of North Oaks has continued to experience growth and the community has thrived. Today the city is home to over 4,600 residents, 1,700 households, and 1,300 families. The city has maintained the focus of preserving the surrounding environment and continued to maintain a private secluded community.

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