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City of Birchwood Village: Parks and Trails

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The Village of Birchwood is home to 3 parks available to all residents. Birchwood’s parks offer residents the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery around the village as well as numerous outdoor activities.

Tighe-Schmitz Park: Located in the southeast corner of the village and offers numerous activities for residents to enjoy. The park is open year round and includes a hockey rink, baseball field, soccer field, playground equipment, and walking path around the park. Tighe-Schmitz Park is the biggest park in Birchwood Village and is the perfect place to get out and enjoy Birchwood’s many recreational activities.

Bloomquist Park: Located in the north side of the village. Bloomquist Park offers playground equipment along with 2 flex-surface tennis courts.

Nordling Park: A natural open space park located between Birchwood Avenue and White Pine Lane. The park features a walkway that residents can use to enjoy natural scenery.

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