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City of Bayport: Parks and Recreation

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The city of Bayport covers a total area of 1.75 square miles and provides residents with four community parks. All parks in Bayport are open to the community and provide residents with numerous ways to enjoy the outdoors. Residents enjoy beautiful scenery, walking trails, and opportunities to just relax.

Lakeside Park is located on the shores of the St. Croix River just east of downtown Bayport. Residents and tourists come to Lakeside park to enjoy the scenery and all the water has to offer. Lakeside provides several amenities including a swimming beach, beach house, picnic shelters, softball field, charcoal grills, horseshoe and volleyball courts, playground equipment, and an open play area. Residents also have access to hiking trails.

Barker’s Alps Park just west of downtown Bayport covers a total of 48 acres. The park offers several wooded hiking trails along the river bluffs where residents enjoy the beauty of the St. Croix River Valley. Barker’s Alps Park also features softball fields, charcoal grills, picnic tables, picnic shelter, a soccer field, playground equipment, open play area, and sledding hill. The park is also home to a community garden, which is a favorite among local artists and photographers because of its great beauty. The garden has several paths throughout so all residents enjoy the beauty of the garden.

Perro Park is located in the heart of Bayport with numerous recreational facilities. The park features tennis courts, softball field, open play area, and playground equipment as well as hockey and ice skating rinks. Perro Park is popular place and keeps busy all year round. One of the most popular features in the park is Perro Creek running through the northeast boundary of the park. With numerous benches and lots of open space around the creek, residents enjoy picnics on the quiet, serene banks of the creek.

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