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City of Savage: Parks & Trails

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The city of Savage, Minnesota is a medium-sized, suburban city located south of the Twin Cities metro area. With over 300 acres of city-run parkland and an additional 2,400 acres of county and state-run land, residents of Savage have no shortage of outdoor areas to explore. The amenities within each park vary, providing activity for residents with differing interests. Some of the most renowned parks in Savage include:

Savage Community Park: The Savage Community Park is widely utilized by the city of Savage as well as its neighboring cities. The park is home to the wildly popular Savage Sports Center. A climate-controlled dome allowing for activity during the colder months, the Sports Center is open to the public and is also available for rent. Visitors can run, bat, golf, throw, kick, and pass year-round with comfort. Additionally, the Savage Community Park features a playground, tennis courts, a baseball field, a basketball court, a soccer/football field, a skate park, bocce ball, fishing areas, and a picnic shelter. The sheer range of amenities make Savage Community Park the perfect destination for all ages and interests.

Hidden Valley Park: Hidden Valley Park is a 45-acre community park that offers lots of open space along the Credit River. The river runs through the park and visitors can enjoy its scenic beauty along the numerous walking paths surrounding the park. It also offers a picnic area with a grill, enabling visitors to enjoy a peaceful family picnic. For those desiring more activity, the Hidden Valley Park does not disappoint. The park includes a playground, volleyball court, baseball field, and an archery range. As one of Savage’s larger parks, Hidden Valley Park combines peaceful scenery with active amenities, resulting in a location cherished by the community.

Canterbury Park: Canterbury Park is a neighborhood park located on the east side of Savage. A good alternative for those desiring a smaller, quieter location than the Savage Community Park, Canterbury Park offers visitors numerous sporting amenities. Activities include tennis, volleyball, baseball, soccer/football, ice skating, and hockey. In addition to the fields, courts, and rinks, visitors can enjoy a playground, picnic area with outdoor grill, walking trails, and a warming house.

Schroeder’s Acres: A 20-acre park located in the north-western section of the city, Schroeder’s Acres boasts three ballfields, a soccer field, a volleyball court, both hockey and free-skating rinks, and a picnic area with an outdoor grill. The park’s peaceful setting make it a great location for young families or those desiring a summer picnic. Additionally, the park has plenty of open space, making it a great location to throw a frisbee or walk the dog.

Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve: The Murphy-Hanrehan Park Reserve is a massive 2,400 acre regional park owned and operated by the Three Rivers Park District. While mostly undeveloped, the park reserve is perfect for a wide range of activity. Visitors can explore the park on nature trails by hiking, horseback riding, snowmobiling, mountain biking, or cross-country skiing; enjoy a picnic amidst the glacial ridges, hilly terrain and lush forest; or they can go boating, fishing, or kayaking on the park’s lake. The undeveloped nature of the park makes it perfect for wildlife enthusiasts, and it is recognized by the National Audubon Society as an Important Bird Area.

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