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City of Woodland: Parks, Trials, & Beaches

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Located on the shores of Lake Minnetonka, Woodland, Minnesota is a very small town that enjoys a lakeshore lifestyle. One of many smaller communities located on Lake Minnetonka’s shores, Woodland features several protected wetlands within its city borders. When it comes to parks, however, residents of Woodland look to the surrounding cities for fabulous options. Some of the most notable examples include:

Lake Minnetonka: Woodland has access to one of Minnesota’s greatest lakes, Lake Minnetonka. This massive lake has a very close-knit community and connection to it helps to link Woodland to its neighboring cities. In addition to its scenic beauty, Lake Minnetonka has a number of Yacht clubs, and community events that take place in and around it throughout the year.

Gro Tonka Park: One of the larger nearby parks, and the city of Minnetonka’s first park, Gro Tonka Park features a wealth of amenities. Included are football/soccer fields, a softball field, outdoor hockey, ice skating, roller hockey, a shelter building, three tennis courts, play equipment, a picnic area and shelter, trails, horseshoes, and seasonal restrooms. With this much activity available only a short drive away, Woodland’s residents have great access to year-round outdoor entertainment.

Gray’s Bay Marina: Located in Minnetonka is the Gray’s Bay Marina. This marina provides boating access for the city of Minnetonka and connects it to the vibrant and active Lake Minnetonka community. With only a short drive residents of Woodland are able to visit this marina and access Gray’s Bay.

Bennett Family Park: A massive baseball and softball complex located within the city of Minnetonka, the Bennett Family Park is the host of numerous leagues that compete during the spring, summer, and fall months. With numerous fields and multiple games taking place on an average night, the Bennett Family Park is a great place to watch a ballgame or compete with a team. Concessions are served on site.

Deephaven Beach: A short drive away from Woodland in the city of Deephaven is the Deephaven Beach. This supervised swimming area features tennis courts, canoe racks, trail access, swings, and a picnic area. It is a beautiful summer destination and only a few minutes away from Woodland.

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