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St. Paul: Thomas-Dale

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Thomas-Dale, with a population of 15,000, is Saint Paul’s most diverse neighborhood. This diversity is replicated not only in its local residents of many ethnicities, but in the amazing and unique shops, restaurants, and services that can also be found. University Avenue is the foremost commercial hub in the neighborhood, as it hosts about 100 businesses, and buses and the approaching Central Corridor LRT line serve it. The affordably priced homes, powerfully united community, vibrant and involved residents, and close proximity to the State Capital, downtown, and I-94 make Thomas-Dale a great place to call home for many people.

Most of the houses in Thomas-Dale are moderately sized two-story foursquares or ramblers, with several homes being built before 1940. There are also many historic dwellings in the neighborhood from the Victorian era that fluctuate in sizes from “mechanic’s cottage” to the bigger Queen Anne-style homes. Apartment buildings are also available throughout the area.

There are several amenities that residents enjoy within the Thomas-Dale neighborhood. The Biff Adams Arena offers year-round access to ice skating and hockey rinks, making it a popular location for school teams as well as members of the community. At the West Minnehaha Recreation Center, visitors enjoy the craft room, fitness center, gymnasium, handball court, kitchen, meeting room, and multipurpose room. Additionally, outside of the center residents have access to a baseball field, basketball court, two football fields, a picnic area, playground, soccer field, four softball fields and two tennis courts. Like the West Minnehaha Recreation Center, the Scheffer Recreation Center also offer visitors a wide variety of resources. On the inside the center includes a game room, gymnasium, kitchen, and a meeting room. Outside of the center, visitors enjoy the basketball court, baseball field, football field, playground, and two softball fields.

There are a few parks found in the Thomas-Dale neighborhood. They include:

Frogtown Farm & Park: The Frogtown Farm & Park is a newer development within the Thomas-Dale (Frogtown) neighborhood. With a focus on community growth, sustainable practices, and urban farming, the goal of the Frogtown Farm & Park is to create a community gathering place where neighbors can meet one another for recreation or work in the garden. At 12.7 acres, the park includes a recreation area, passive natural area, and an urban demonstration farm. Visitors are able to enjoy the peace and quiet of nature while learning how to farm in their own backyards.

Valley Park: Valley Park is utilized by the local neighborhood for large-scale community athletics. While the park does not include any specific facilities, it is large enough for three simultaneous games to take place at once. At 13 acres in size, this field is utilized for football, soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee, and more.

Ryan Park: Ryan Park is a small, cherished, neighborhood park. While the major highlights of the park are its two playgrounds, picnic area, and open green space, the local residents appreciate Ryan Park for its peaceful nature. As a safe, community location, parents can enjoy watching their children play on the playground while reading a book or share a picnic together as a family. Additionally, the open field is a great spot to exercise the dog, throw a frisbee, or play a game of flag football.

If you have any questions regarding the Thomas-Dale neighborhood, the city of Saint Paul, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.