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Southeast Edina: Edinborough

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The name for the Edinborough neighborhood could have been derived from Edinborough, Scotland, which was most likely the inspiration for the name Edina. Edinborough is situated in the southeast quadrant of the city of Edina.  It is bordered on the north by the Fire Station on Xerxes Avenue, on the east by Xerxes Avenue, on the south by Interstate 494, and on the west by Edinborough Way. The neighborhood has a combination of high-rises and multi-unit buildings scattered with parkland. The majority of the 360 homes for the 650 residents in Edinborough were built in the 1970’s and 80’s and are typically either condos or townhomes. The local YMCA and the indoor Edinborough Park add active amenities for residents to enjoy.

Edinborough Park: Edinborough Park is one of the most unique parks found within the city of Edina. Located entirely indoors, this public park is full of activity. While not free, visitors can enjoy the junior-sized Olympic swimming pool, running track, fitness facilities, and massive playground. The playground is perhaps the most notable feature of the park. Known as Adventure Peak, the playground features a 3 story climbing structure with slides, climbing walls, crawling areas and more. It is one of the largest indoor play structures in the country.

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