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Longfellow: Howe

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The neighborhood of Howe, along with its local elementary school, is named in honor of Julia Ward Howe, born in 1819, and the writer of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”. The Howe neighborhood is one of five neighborhoods located within the Longfellow community. The community in which Howe dwells is renowned for the Mississippi River and its biking and walking trails on the east. Additionally, there is the lush Midtown Greenway bike path on its northern border. It is tough to choose just one eye-catching and prevalent feature in the community.

Most of the Howe neighborhood consists of residential homes. Several of the homes near the river have been upgraded considerably. Howe offers reasonably priced homes in a pleasant, distinct and lovely neighborhood, with landscape that is difficult to not appreciate. Manageable and aesthetically pleasing, Howe offers the perfect location for Craftsman cottages. The neighborhood is one of the best places for those looking to be in close vicinity to the downtown area of Minneapolis, while still enjoying a secluded, picturesque, and family-friendly environment. With a population of over 6,500 residents, Howe is one of the loveliest places to live in the city of Minneapolis.

There are many unique restaurants located within the Howe neighborhood. The Blue Door Pub is one of the neighborhood’s most famous establishments. One of two Blue Door restaurants in the state, the Longfellow branch is the newer of the two restaurants. The Blue Door Pub is known for its engaging atmosphere, good food, and most of all, its Blucy’s. A Blucy is the Blue Door’s original take on a Minnesotan invention, the Juicy Lucy. A burger that has molten cheese cooked on the inside of two patties, the Blue Door Pub’s Blucy burgers have won numerous awards and are a local favorite. The Rail Station Bar and Grill is another popular establishment within the neighborhood. Located next to the railroad tracks, this family-run restaurant is popular for its lively atmosphere and frequent events. The restaurant has a meat raffle every Wednesday and Friday where patrons can walk away with free meat. Additionally on Saturday, the restaurant hosts a bingo and meat raffle day for even more fun giveaways.

One of the most popular coffee shops for the locals of Howe is the Fireroast Cafe. In addition to other menu options, the cafe takes great pride in its coffee, viewing it as an art. They enjoy serving the freshest, most delicious cup of coffee to their customers which keeps them coming back for more. A local wine bar and café is the Riverview Wine Bar. This family friendly location is very popular for first dates and meals before movie showings at the Riverview Theater which is kitty-corner to the wine bar. Whether it’s enjoying “today’s special” or selecting the seasonal wine, the Riverview Wine Bar is a wonderful dining experience.

The Howe neighborhood is home to two parks. They are:

Longfellow Park: Longfellow Park is an 8-acre park located within the Howe neighborhood. It offers numerous amenities for visitors including a basketball court, football field, hockey and ice skating rinks, a picnic area with grills, playground, restrooms, tennis court, wading pool, and walking paths. Located on the northern edge of the neighborhood, Longfellow Park is a great destination for the whole family with no shortage of recreational activities to get involved with.

Mississippi Gorge Regional Park: Mississippi Gorge Regional Park is a wildlife sanctuary and natural area located within the Howe neighborhood. At 132 acres, this massive park houses beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. More than 150 species of migratory birds can be seen among the hardwood forests and steep bluffs found within the park. While there are not very many amenities offered within the park itself, visitors can venture throughout on numerous biking/walking paths and appreciate the untouched nature of the park.

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