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City of Vadnais Heights: Parks & Trails

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With over 100 acres of parkland spread out across 14 unique parks, the city of Vadnais Heights, Minnesota offers residents and visitors alike the best of the outdoors. Whether it be parks packed with active amenities, or quiet wildlife preservations offering an escape from the noises of life, there is truly something for everyone when it comes to Vadnais Heights’ parks system. Some of the most notable examples include:

Berwood Park: Berwood Park is a 10 acre, neighborhood park located along Berwood Avenue. Visitors of the park enjoy its active amenities including a basketball hoop, two ball fields, soccer/football fields, and tennis courts. In addition to active options, Berwood Park offers visitors passive recreation options including picnic tables, trail connections, and lots of open space. A great location to play a game with the family or exercise the dog, Berwood Park is a great neighborhood park.

Community Park: True to its name, Community Park acts as a central park location for the Vadnais Heights community. At 38 acres, Community Park is one of the larger parks found within the city’s parks system. Of the park’s 38 acres, 15 are reserved as a protected wetland area. This protected space is a beautiful and peaceful location to encounter wildlife, especially a wide variety of waterfowl. Visitors seeking active amenities will not be disappointed. Community Park includes ball fields, soccer/football fields, a hockey rink with a warming house, picnic facilities, playgrounds, and trails around the park’s wetlands.

Kohler Meadows Park: Kohler Meadows Park is a 29 acre community park that includes 3 acres of protected wetlands. Boasting several great amenities, visitors of the park enjoy both passive and active recreational options. For those seeking a peaceful visit to the park, Kohler Meadows Park includes picnic facilities with restrooms as well as walking trails around the park. Active amenities within the park include playgrounds, ball fields, a basketball hoop, soccer/football fields, and tennis courts.

Westfield Park: Westfield Park is one of the more unique parks within Vadnais Heights. It encompasses 23 acres, 18 of which are wetlands reserved for passive recreation. Visitors can explore this area on a trail system. In addition to the wetlands, visitors can make use of the park’s basketball hoop, hockey rink, warming house, picnic facilities, playground, ball fields, soccer/football fields, and tennis courts. Visitors of all ages are sure to enjoy their time at Westfield Park.

Vadnais Sucker Lake Regional Park: The most prized park within Vadnais Heights is the Vadnais Sucker Lake Regional Park. A massive regional park at over 1,200 acres, Vadnais Sucker Lake Regional Park encompasses three lakes and is operated by Ramsey County. Much of the area’s wetland preservations are located within the park. While the lakes within the park are not boat accessible, they provide an incredibly scenic backdrop to those walking on the trails or having a picnic. Additionally, the park is adjacent to Snail Lake which offers a swimming beach and boat access. Visitors of the park enjoy the passive recreation found in the park’s lush forests, natural wetlands, and ample wildlife.

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