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City of Robbinsdale: Community Life

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Robbinsdale, Minnesota is a community that is full of events and amenities. This city takes pride in its ability to provide an extremely family-friendly community. Here, we will introduce just a few of the many events, amenities, and benefits that Robbinsdale offers to its residents.

Robbinsdale is known for its great amenities. It is specifically recognized for being a wonderful area for bike rides and walks. The city is host to many biking and hiking trails that are in close proximity to local neighborhoods. On any given summer day, families have the opportunity to take a bike ride through the city and enjoy the scenery and playgrounds for the little ones along the way. The city also promotes health and fitness through its community gym center. The center has basketball and tennis courts, a swimming pool, and an exercise area. There are also an array of youth sports programs offered during the summer. These programs range from baseball to fencing, and any child within the community has the opportunity to participate in whichever program he or she chooses.

Robbinsdale shares a library with the nearby city of Crystal that belongs to the Hennepin County Library system. A library system that is consistently ranked in the top 10 libraries nationwide, residents have access to all of the books and resources that are a part of this network through an interlibrary loan program.

The most popular community event is Whiz Bang Days. Taking place annually during the month of July, Whiz Bang Days is a celebration of the community. Deriving it’s name from bombs that were used during the time that Robbinsdale was formed, this event is a community favorite. It features a senior showcase and craft sale, youth baseball, bocce ball, a flower and plant sale, a fishing derby, a classic car show, a cake walk, bingo, a log roll, a parade, fireworks, and much, much more. Lasting for 4 days, there is something for everyone at Whiz Bang Days. Other popular events within the city include adult sports leagues, charity events, and parks and recreation programs at local parks.

Robbinsdale is the hometown to several businesses. Since the city is near Minneapolis, there is an overflow of businesses and employment opportunities within Robbinsdale. Even though it is close to the big city, Robbinsdale has been able to maintain its small-town charm for many years. Additionally, the area hosts a number of restaurants that offer locals plenty of dining opportunities. Two of the most notable include the Lodge of Robbinsdale and Mai Thai. In addition to restaurants, Robbinsdale is home to several places of worship, and a large movie theatre called Robbinsdale Theatre, which provides showings of the latest movie releases.

If you have any questions regarding the city of Robbinsdale, Minnesota, or if you would like to sell or buy a house in the area, please feel free to visit or call 1-800-909-1953.