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City of Fridley: Schools & District 14

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Fridley Public Schools (District 14) serves the central area of the city of Fridley with two elementary schools, a middle school, a high school and a community center. Although the city of Fridley is in the midst of the metro area, it is known for offering a small-town feel in both its schools and its community. A unique fact for the schools in this city is that they experience an unusual amount of enrollment from non-residents. This is an attribute to the quality of the academic and community culture. The Fridley School District provides the International Baccalaureate Programme to all students. The Primary Years Programme is offered at the elementary schools, the Middle Years Programme at the middle school and high school, and the Diploma Programme solely at the high school.

Hayes Elementary is well known, as is the rest of the district, for its high expectations for each and every student. This can be seen through the academics and the community that the school possesses. The school provides its students with the best examples and education that is possible. It is proud to be a Minnesota School of Excellence as well as an Authorized International Baccalaureate World School. Both are noteworthy awards and are well deserved. All students are given chances to develop in a creative, academic, and character-focused way that is fostered through the overall atmosphere of the day-to-day life at Hayes.

Fridley Middle School supports the district’s vision in three ways: It is a National School of Excellence
, a Magnet School of America Award of Excellence, and a top 10% of the nation’s schools that offers “What Parents Want Most”. As an official International Baccalaureate Middle Years World School, Fridley Middle School organizes a quality academic program with a student-centered atmosphere to meet the individual requirements of each child. They also employ a strong advisor/advisee program that helps connect students with a mentor for every year they are enrolled. There are many ways in which students can be involved and grow through an incredibly accelerated math program, and academic success activities. Usage of technology such as computers in every classroom and three fully-equipped computer labs, intramural and competitive athletic programs, theatrical presentations, choirs, bands and clubs all contribute to the array of options each student has to participate in.  

The local high school, Fridley High School, also offers an International Baccalaureate World School for Middle Years as well as Diploma Programmes. Like the middle school, Fridley High School is also a National School of Excellence and Magnet School of America Award of Excellence. Fridley High School students gain a quality education from an excellent curriculum and wide-ranging co-curricular activities. The school is well-known for its standing as a school of excellence. It provides a complete and demanding curriculum of 120 or more courses stressing the importance of preparing for college. Several languages, including German, Chinese, and Spanish are offered to students that attend Fridley High School. Fridley students have abundant opportunities for supplemented classes in English, Science, Social Studies, Mathematics and World Languages. Fridley High School seniors often join the University of Minnesota College in the School’s English and German programs. 

The faculty and staff are trained at a high level and firmly dedicated to student development. The memories and friends made through enrollment at Fridley High School will stay with graduates forever as they continue life beyond high school.

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