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City of Excelsior: Parks & Trails

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Joining with it’s neighboring lakeshore cities, the city of Excelsior, Minnesota has a special connection to the beautiful Lake Minnetonka. The city directly borders the lake’s shores, and the residents of Excelsior enjoy its scenic beauty among the other parks and trails running throughout the city. Some of the most notable outdoor areas in Excelsior include:

Lake Minnetonka: Excelsior has access to one of Minnesota’s greatest lakes, Lake Minnetonka. This massive lake has a very close-knit community and connection to it helps to link Excelsior to its neighboring cities. In addition to its scenic beauty, Lake Minnetonka has a number of Yacht clubs, and community events that take place throughout the year.

The Commons and the Port of Excelsior: Located on the northern point of the city, the Commons and the Port of Excelsior are the most celebrated outdoor assets of the city of Excelsior. The park encompasses 13 acres including picnic areas, playgrounds, two swimming beaches, tennis courts, baseball fields, a bandshell, a bathhouse, and public restrooms whereas the port includes docks, buoys, and docking for public excursion boats who provide lake access for those without watercraft. Not only is this park a haven for active families, but it is also home to community celebrations as well as organized sports. It also makes a romantic getaway during the evening hours.

Excelsior Parkland: Excelsior Parkland, a 15.5-acre natural area, is the perfect location for outdoor enthusiasts. It houses community gardens that are available for rent as well as Studer Pond, a large wetland that is home to many woodland animals. This parkland offers visitors ample opportunities to both experience peaceful natural settings as well as observe abundant wildlife.

Dakota Rail Trail: The Dakota Rail Trail consists of 25.5 miles of hard surface biking and walking trails that stretch from the city of Wayzata all the way to Mayer, Minnesota. Along the entire trail, bikers and walkers are treated to scenic panoramas of Lake Minnetonka. The trail is an especially gorgeous location in the spring when the trees are budding, and in the fall when the leaves are changing.

Luce Line Trail: What was once a railroad line that transported people to downtown Minneapolis on electrically-propelled trains has been converted into 63 miles of trails developed for biking and mountain biking, horseback riding, hiking, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. With trails running from Plymouth in the western suburbs to Cosmos in west-central Minnesota, the Luce Line Trail is a fabulous way to be active and explore nature.

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