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City of Arden Hills: Community Life

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The city of Arden Hills, Minnesota is home a peaceful and dynamic community. Located northeast of the city of Minneapolis, Arden Hills offers a wide array of amenities as an outer-ring suburb. Residents of the city enjoy the numerous events, amenities, and employment opportunities that the city provides. The following article will provide a brief overview of what makes Arden Hills’ community unique.

When it comes to city events, there is none greater than the Celebrating Arden Hills Fall Festival. A celebration of life in the city of Arden Hills, this festival takes place each fall and showcases all sorts of local talent, businesses, and entertainment. Families of all ages will enjoy the live music, food, games, and fellowship. Another event that is cherished each year is the Boo Bash. A Halloween celebration for kids, this event takes place at city hall and includes a carnival, prizes, pumpkin decorating, crafts, bingo, and pizza. The city’s parks and recreation department also hosts numerous leagues for children and adults throughout the year. Residents can get involved with a wide variety of sports or community education opportunities.

The city of Arden Hills is packed with great amenities. Residents enjoy long-time staples of the community including Flaherty’s Arden Bowl, Lindey’s Prime Steak House, and Welsch’s Big Ten Tavern. Flaherty’s Arden Bowl is the go-to destination for bowling and pizza in Arden Hills. Known as the oldest family-owned bowling alley in the United States, Flaherty’s has had a presence in the city since 1938. With many leagues and tons of cheap bowling times, Flaherty’s is loved by all. Lindey’s Prime Steak House is another long time staple of the community. Established in 1958, Lindey’s is known for their delicious, aged steaks that come with a variety of family-style accompaniments. Guests are sure to enjoy the rustic feel and expertly prepared steaks. One of the longest running establishments in Arden Hills is Welsch’s Big Ten Tavern. Established in 1904, the tavern specializes in traditional pub foods in addition to offering catering services. Welsch’s Big Ten Tavern promotes a very active community, and hosts numerous events throughout the year. They actively support many of the local high schools as well as the local military branches. Open 365 days a year, Welsch’s is a staple of Arden Hills.

Employment opportunities within Arden Hills are plentiful. The city is home to the headquarters for Land O’ Lakes, one of the nation’s largest dairy companies. This particular location, employs over 800 people. The largest employer within the city, however, is Boston Scientific. They employ over 2,000 individuals at one of their major locations within Arden Hills. Additionally, Arden Hills’ convenient location, just 15 minutes outside of Minneapolis, means that a wide array of downtown employment opportunities are available with a very short commute.

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